NBA Trade Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Targeting Joe Johnson, Kevin Martin

NBA trade rumors are saying that the Dallas Mavericks are looking to add some size to their back court, and two of the targets have been identified as Kevin Martin of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Joe Johnson of the Brooklyn Nets, both of whom are veteran scorers who could be looking for one final run at the NBA Championship before retirement, according to ESPN.

Dirk Nowitzki is coming close to retirement, so Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been fully committed to stacking up the roster as much as he can to ensure that his star forward gets to leave the NBA as at least a contender. That is the reason why Cuban wrote out big checks to Wesley Matthews, Chandler Parsons and DeAndre Jordan, who walked away from a free agent contract with the Mavericks at the last minute possible.

One of the problems that the Dallas Mavericks are facing right now is the lack of size on the perimeter. Head coach Rick Carlisle has resorted to playing Deron Williams, JJ Barea, Raymond Felton, and Devin Harris together because they are the best available options in the rotation. That might not work out too well when the NBA Playoffs roll around.

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban

Kevin Martin isn’t actually known as a great defender in the NBA. He’s the opposite, in fact. Martin, who was a former Western Carolina Catamounts star, is a sharpshooting scorer who can put up points in bunches when he catches first. While he’s not going to be locking down the likes of Kevin Durant and LeBron James, Martin is 6’7″ and much taller than Deron Williams, JJ Barea, Raymond Felton, and Devin Harris.

The Minnesota Timberwolves like having Kevin Martin around. He’s a veteran that puts the team ahead of himself. NBA coaches love that. However, the Timberwolves aren’t turning away from phone calls from other general managers because they would not be willing to part with Martin if it meant that they would receive some future assets in return. Getting a couple of draft picks and clearing the $7 million salary would be quite the victory for Timberwolves general manager Milt Newton.

Mark Cuban might be a bit hesitant to take on the $14.4 million owed to Kevin Martin, especially since it doesn’t expire until after the 2016 season. However, if Rick Carlisle doesn’t want to be out muscled by perimeter players in the NBA Playoffs, then Cuban might not have much of a choice.

Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk Nowitzki

Joe Johnson is no longer in his prime, and he has never been considered a good NBA defender. However, he is 6’7″, 240 pounds, so he won’t get pushed around by LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Johnson also happens to be in the final year of his massive contract, to the Dallas Mavericks wouldn’t be locked down financially by adding him. Johnson can be resigned for cheap or be allowed to walk away in free agency.

The Brooklyn Nets are in dire need of a point guard, as evident by their recent chase of Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings. Fortunately for Mark Cuban, that’s a position that the Dallas Mavericks are well stocked at. Sending one of their point guards not named Deron Williams and a future draft choice might be more than enough to entice the Nets into completing a deal.

Then again, the Brooklyn Nets might opt to simply buy out Joe Johnson if they don’t find a suitable deal. That cut the chords for them and allows other NBA teams to fight over Johnson, who should receive a good amount of interest from contenders. The Dallas Mavericks can simply sign him to a cheap deal.

Mark Cuban is going to find help for Dirk Nowitzki.

[Featured Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]