Sam Faiers Boyfriend Paul Knightley Kisses Mum, Model Stands In Defense

Reality TV show star Sam Faiers has defended her boyfriend Paul Knightley following his first appearance on The Baby Diaries on Sunday. Faiers, who was also a former TOWIE star, stands in Knightley’s defense after her boyfriend kissed his mom Gaynor, to which critics poked fun on social media.

In a scene that featured the mother and the son, Paul can be seen kissing Gaynor on the lips as the two discuss him becoming a parent. The scene sparked rumors all over social media, prompting many fans to comment about their relationship.

While Paul showed his mum some affection with a kiss, many commented on how intimate it was, with one viewer writing: “Just watched the Sam faiers programme. Her boyfriend and his mother are very creepy… Strange relationship.”

“Just watched the Sam Faiers programme. Her boyfriend and his mother are creepy … Strange relationship,” wrote another. Another commented: “Sam Faiers boyfriend awkward kiss with his MUM!!! Did anyone else see this?”

While many fans offered their congratulations to the couple, others were rude, calling Paul “controlling” and a “pig.”

Faiers instantly defended her man and wrote on Instagram: “Wow Paul really is getting some stick. I wish people wouldn’t look into it so much. It’s just a TV show edited & made for good viewing.”

The show viewers also questioned on Twitter about Paul’s behavior as the couple become first-time parents. Sam, who believed that her man was criticized unfairly, wrote that “Yes he fell asleep reading baby books, didn’t attend yoga & no he doesn’t cook but he is the most caring loving man I know & the best daddy to baby Paul.”

She also did not forget to mention how Paul helped her battle with Crohn’s disease and praised him.

“This is then man who got me better from Crohn’s disease. Months of studying and researching to find me alternative natural medication.

He’s my hero.”

Sam, who has been together with Paul for 16 months already, also shared a black-and-white Instagram photo of herself kissing her baby son’s lips.

“I will kiss my baby boy on the lips forever,” she wrote. “Thank you for everyone’s support and kind comments on our show. Media & people will always try find negative.”

“I’m happy & so totally in love with my family #myworld #positive.”

Despite a lot of viewers posting negative criticisms, some fans rushed to defend the couple, as well.

Nicola McLean wrote: “So Paul @SamanthaFaiers bf is getting a hard time! Editing is a strange tool she looks lovely the perfect mummy.”

Sam thanked the fan saying: “Couldn’t have put this in better words myself. Thank you x.”

Another fan who pointed out about Paul not knowing how to appear on camera wrote: “Sam Faiers’s boyfriend isn’t very popular is he.”

This is not the first time Sam has used Twitter and Instagram to defend herself and her partner from criticism in recent weeks. The new mum also spoke out after some viewers criticized their decision to name their son Paul Tony after his father and uncle. She posted a comment from a fan who defended her.

Her supporter had written “I wonder if they know what it feels like to carry a child for 9months, go through labour, be blessed with a healthy child, and have the honour of calling him after his father…

“And all they can think of is oh no Paul?!! I think it’s beautiful and a real display of love on ur behalf for ur partner.”

Despite receiving a lot of criticism and hate, Sam has been trying to cope herself into motherhood and her family. She’s been sharing several photos together with the newborn on Instagram and on Twitter.

[Image via Instagram]