Several ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Members To Appear On ‘Inside The Actors Studio’

Fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting with a lot of eager anticipation for the second half of the show’s sixth season to begin, and now that wait is almost over. For those who would like to see a few of their favorite The Walking Dead cast member(s) a little earlier, host James Lipton from Inside the Actors Studio will conduct a special interview from Georgia at Raleigh Studios, and that the episode will air on February 11.

Comic Book Resources shared that Danai Gurira (Michonne), Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Norman Reedus (Daryl), and Steven Yeun (Glenn) will appear on this segment. The Walking Dead franchise creator, Robert Kirkman, and current showrunner, Scott M. Gimple, will also be a part of this episode.

“We took ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ right onto the set of ‘The Walking Dead’ to find out what the terror, thrills, courage and compassion we see on the screen are like, up close and very personal… Join us — if you dare!”

According to Variety, fans will discover some interesting facts about the cast members. They will reveal how they came to be on The Walking Dead, and will also share their most memorable moments (and scenes) from the show. Find out which actor was discovered while screaming at a Hollywood Hills party (fans of this actor will already know the answer to this one), and whether any of them (besides the executive producers) know how the wildly popular The Walking Dead series will eventually end.

Although Andrew Lincoln (Rick) was not in on the interview, Variety noted that Reedus made sure he was not forgotten, showering praise upon his co-star.

“He’s the first one to set; he’s the last one to leave,” Reedus said of his friend during the discussion.

“He’s our actors’ quarterback. And he’s the screamer on set… he gets everyone pumped up. I can’t say enough good things about him. He deserves all of this.”

While sitting down for the interview, Cohan got a little emotional and explained to Lipton that, “I’m trying to do all of these breathing exercises because when I found out we were going to come on your show, the first thing I promised myself was I wasn’t gonna cry because everybody cries and I already cry so easily so … (crying) oh shoot!”

The interview will air three days before the return of The Walking Dead, and after the nail-biting, mid-season finale back in October, fans are expecting the premiere episode to be both intense and shocking. During the last episode, viewers everywhere were probably shouting at Sam, played by Major Dodson, to please stop calling out to his mother as they were inching their way past a horde of walkers that were surrounding them.

The group he was with had covered themselves with “zombie shirts,” which were basically sheets covered in zombie gore. The zombies can’t detect the people wearing them, and it has been proven to work before, when Rick and Glenn used the same method early on in the series. If Sam doesn’t keep quiet, he is putting everyone at risk, including baby Judith.

Fans are also expecting this half of the season to see the arrival of a major character called Negan, who will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural), and it remains to been seen how much chaos and mayhem he will bring to The Walking Dead world. The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, February 14, at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. As for the Inside the Actors Studio episode, it will air on Thursday, February 11 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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