Jenelle Evans Still Undergoing Tests For Mystery Illness, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Hangs Out In NYC

Jenelle Evans seems to have her hands full at the moment. She recently launched her own website, and has been experiencing drama with ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. Evans is no stranger to legal trouble, and she has found herself with more legal issues in the last few weeks. After returning home from a vacation in Florida, complete with a plastic surgery consultation, Evans was shocked to discover her car was missing from the airport parking lot. As it turns out, Griffith took it from the location because his name is also on the title. This started a downward spiral for Jenelle Evans, especially where her health is concerned.

It has been just a few weeks since Jenelle Evans filed the larceny report against Nathan Griffith. Since discovering her car was taken, Evans has been experiencing a lot of health issues. According to Starcasm, Jenelle Evans was recently in New York City to have tests run. There has been no diagnosis for Evans, and no one in her camp is giving out any details. Things are remaining under wraps, but speculations are running wild. Anxiety is something that Evans admits to suffering from, but this seems to be a bit more than just that. Evans’ symptoms include shortness of breath and restless leg syndrome. Earlier reports indicated that there was some push to test thyroid function, but results for Evans have not been released.

There has been some speculation that Jenelle Evans is trumping up her health concerns to avoid having to appear in front of a jury for her arrest last September. The incident happened between Evans and Nathan Griffith’s new girlfriend. Words were exchanged at Evans’ home, and she ended up throwing a glass at the new girlfriend. It cut her, though not enough to warrant medical attention. The police were called, and Evans was arrested for battery. There is a court date coming up this month, and this would be the perfect way to avoid attending. Jenelle Evans is much smarter than many give her credit for, and this could easily be her way out of jail time for the battery charge.

Now, Jenelle Evans is going to have to deal with the court case regarding the larceny charges she filed against Nathan Griffith. She insisted the police take action on this, and there was a warrant issued at the end of January. Just a few days later, Griffith turned himself in. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans may see this case dismissed outright. Griffith’s lawyer told the magazine it was likely that the case would be dismissed or continued. Evans is just pursuing this to stick it to Griffith, not because she actually cares about the car she is missing. In fact, Evans already has a new ride and has moved on without the missing items she was upset over.

Both Jenelle Evans and her manager are keeping quiet about her medical issues. Just a few weeks ago Evans was hospitalized in North Carolina, and now she is laying in a hospital in New York City. There have not been any answers, but lots of attention has come from photos she is posting across social media. Evans knows how to manipulate her fans to get the reaction she wants, and right now, all of the concern is just how she wants it. In fact, the medical issues have overshadowed the debut of her website, which has not been mentioned much. Fans want to know what is going on with Jenelle Evans, especially if she is really battling something more complicated than just various symptoms that could be attributed to her anxiety.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]