iPad Air 3 Coming In March 2016, Reports Say

iPad Air 3 will be announced at a March 15 event, according to multiple reports.

The latest iPad Air offering from Apple will introduce new features to Apple users and continue the company’s momentum with new devices that analysts and investors are demanding at a time that the stock is getting walloped by Wall Street.

iPad Air 3 Coming In March 2016, Reports Say
iPad Air 3 is expected to be announced at a March 15 event to be hosted by Apple. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]
The Motley Fool, one of Wall Street’s most-read news sites, said the latest iPad Air offering will put iPad Air 3 at the same level as the new iPad Pro just recently launched.

“The new iPad is likely to bring Apple’s 9.7-inch tablet up to the standard the iPad Pro set last fall. In addition to the usual hardware updates like a faster processor, this could potentially entail making keyboard and stylus accessories compatible with the iPad Air 3. Apple may also include an LED flash for the rear camera to enable better low-light photography, according to Gurman.”

The items, Motley Fool notes, are not life and death changes, but they are likely to open the market for iPad Air 3 to users who may have otherwise not used the device or would have gone to other items, like the Samsung Galaxy tablets that have given Apple a run for its money, especially in the smartphone market.

iPad Air 3 Coming In March 2016, Reports Say
Apple CEO Tim Cook could announce a new iPad Air 3 at an event in March, according to reports. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]
The features available on the iPad Air 3 are possible due to a so-called smart connector, according to WCCF Tech. The website said much like the upgrades to previous iPhone models that improved processing speed and graphics capabilities, the latest updates to the iPad Air 3 will make the devices more competitive and keep the devices more current within its market.

“[The] primary difference will not only be present in the resolution department, but in the features column too. According to the latest source, the 9.7 inch slate will have a smart connector for a new line of iPad Air-optimized accessories. In our previous leak, we showcased the tablet’s keyboard accessory, suggesting that the product will have the same level of productivity as an iPad Pro. After all, being armed with an A9X means that you will have a ton of horsepower at your disposal and you will have to make use of it somehow.”

Time Magazine said there are have been rumors about a 3D touch upgrade, though one analyst said he could not confirm the upgrades, even though Time quoted another analyst saying the 3D touch was coming.

Apple is not only going to announce the changes to the iPad Air 3 at its March announcement, but the company is also rumored to be preparing an announcement about a new model iPhone 5SE to replace the iPhone 5S, a phone that will more closely align with the larger iPhone 6 models than those of the iPhone 5 variety.

Another announcement expected at the time is a new Apple Watch, currently dubbed the “Apple Watch 2.” Patents filed by Apple show the company is looking at something with a larger screen that can fit around a person’s wrist. Even with the patent having been filed, tech watchers and analysts doubt the Apple Watch 2 will be much different from the current model Apple Watch. In fact, the new Apple Watch 2 is expected to just bring the smartwatch up to standard with other Apple products, improving the processors and such.

So, to recap, Apple is expected to host an event March 15 to launch new models of wildly popular devices, including the iPad Air 3, the iPhone 5SE, and the Apple Watch 2. The question is will anyone be waiting in line for these devices? The company has had trouble on Wall Street this year, and it’s unknown whether these moves will improve its stock price.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

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