Apple Watch 2 Coming In March 2016

The latest version of the Apple Watch is coming in March, according to reports. The latest version could be more curved and have a handful of new features. Here is what we know.

Release Date

According to TechCrunch, Apple will announce new Apple Watch items at an event set for March 15 in California. TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino reports multiple sources have confirmed the date, which could also include the release of a new iPhone model and a new iPad model, as well.

“Back when I reported on whether we would see a full new ‘Apple Watch 2.0’ in March (still no), I mentioned that a March event from Apple could still happen — and that likely releases would be an iPad and smaller iPhone. At the time, the event was in a state of flux, according to a couple of sources — basically in a holding pattern that depended on what hardware was ready.

“Now, it looks like the date has solidified. March 15th is the date, according to sources, and we should indeed be seeing a rumored 4? iPhone and a new iPad.”

Apple Watch 2 Coming In March 2016
The new Apple Watch is expected to be released March 15 at an event in California. (Photo by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images for Apple)

What Will Be Different?

Not much, according to the Tech Times. The site said the different between the first generation Apple Watch and the new Apple Watch 2 will be like the difference between an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 5S. In other words, the differences will not be much to write home about.

“[Most] of the changes in this year’s Apple Watch will be internal. That means the usual spec bumps in processor speed and battery life. There will probably be a few new band styles coming, too,” Tech reported.

Even with small changes, diehard Apple fans will likely still line up to be the first to get a new Apple Watch, much like previous product releases from the tech giant.

A Clue About The Style?

While Tech and others report the changes will likely be more internal than external, Tech Buffalo got its hands on what it says are patent applications from Apple which show a change in design for what could be the latest Apple Watch model.

Apple Watch 2 Coming In March 2016
Patent applications show Apple could be a readying a new wearable device separate from the Apple Watch. [Photo by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images for Apple]
“The patent, which was filed late last year, describes a ‘bi-stable spring with flexible display’ designed for some sort of wearable device. Based on images included with the filing, it looks like the new gadget could be one long screen that wraps around your wrist. Apple adds that the design would make it possible to wear the device ‘in a number of convenient locations,’ ” the Tech Buffalo reported.

Despite speculation that the device could be a new Apple Watch, or even a new wearable iPhone model, Buffalo said the company filed a similar patent in 2013, and as we are all aware, three years later, no such device has made its way to the market.

Other Releases in March

As reported earlier today, other releases expected at the March 15 include a new iPhone 5SE — a replacement for the iPhone 5S meant to more closely align the four inch phone with the iPhone 6 models — and a new iPad.

The iPhone 5SE will have beefed up internals, but will be limited on the size, with no option for a 128 GB model available. Colors are expected to be similar to current iPhone models, though there is speculation that a new iPhone color called “bright pink” could make its way to market.

The new iPhone 5SE will be much like the Apple Watch 2, with the device itself not offering anything new. The only difference between the new releases will be price: the iPhone 5SE is expected to cost about $99, while the Apple Watch 2 will likely stay in the same price point as current models.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

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