Anthony Weiner Tell-All Interview

Anthony Weiner’s wife is encouraging the former Democratic Congressman to give a tell-all interview. The New York Post reports that sources close to Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin is “pushing” him to do a “single interview” to address the “sexting mess” which prompted Weiner to resign from Congress last year. Weiner is reportedly considering a run for Mayor of New York or a public advocacy position. Huma Abedin was longtime aid to Hillary Clinton, beginning her post in 1996 before the Monica Lewinsky scandal made headlines.

“She wants to figure out how to get all this behind them so they can get back on rack, but he’s still in denial,” the Huma Abedin source told The New York Post. The Post source also noted that Abedin feels “clearing the air once and for all” would allow Anthony Weiner to “move forward.”

A second Abedin source also told the New York newspaper the couple is “trying to decide which reporter” would be offered the sole sit-down interview with Anthony Weiner. The Post source also alleged that Weiner and Abedin would “prefer one who typically lobs softball questions.”

Whether or not Abedin would be a part of the tell-all Weiner interview remains to be seen, but according to New York Post sources, Weiner’s wife “thinks everything is going to be OK.” Abedin is apparently hoping her husband will achieve the same public forgiveness that Bill Clinton did after a “60 Minutes” interview helped to “rehabilitate” his reputation.

Weiner has not yet made any public comments about a desire to get back into politics even though sources claim Abedin wants her husband to “be more aggressive” about his future prospects, according to the Huffington Post. Anthony Weiner has struggled to find work since his resignation from Congress, The New York Post notes. Huam Abedin is reportedly angry that no one who she thought would help him has come through with any career prospects. The Post Abedin sources claim Weiner has attempted to find a job in political consulting, real estate and finance.

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