KFC Replaces Norm MacDonald During Superbowl, Colonel Sanders Identity Crisis Continues As Jim Gaffigan Takes On The Role

Kentucky Fried Chicken, most commonly known as KFC, is once again switching up the actor that portrays Colonel Sanders in their advertisement campaign, this time taking a page out of the final episode of the Bob Newhart Show by claiming it was all a dream.

The reintroduction of Colonel Sanders started when Darrell Hammond arrived on the scene as the creepy Colonel Sanders. His quirky songs and frightening laugh drew viewers to the commercials, wondering what sort of odd incident would take place next. However, despite his creepy factor, Hammond’s focus was mainly on chicken, beans, and lemonade.

Without warning, Norm MacDonald replaced Hammond as a less creepy Colonel Sanders. His portrayal was expected to be funnier, but ended up being slightly annoying as he continuously touted himself to be the original Colonel Sanders as he pushed the $20 meal deal for KFC.

Now, according to the Business Insider, Kentucky Fried Chicken is going to replace Norm MacDonald’s Colonel Sanders with comedian Jim Gaffigan, but not before teasing MacDonald’s leave from the advertising campaign.

Over the course of Hammond’s and MacDonald’s insertion into the role of Colonel Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s same store sales saw an increase of approximately 3 percent. They are hoping the introduction of the widely-loved Jim Gaffigan will increase sales even more.

Although there was a period of 21 years that the Colonel was not used in the advertising campaigns, his return has been one of the best decisions that KFC has made, according to Mark Kalinowski.

“The brand’s reinvigoration with Saturday Night Live alums playing the role of founder Colonel Sanders has brought some buzz back to the concept.”

The Indy Star revealed that the newest Colonel Sanders would be introduced during the Super Bowl, making it the most widely watched premier of the reintroduction of a Colonel Sanders. Gaffigan, who grew up in northwestern Indiana, is a widely loved comedian that has appeared in Super Bowl commercials before, including the infamous “beard comb-over.”

Gaffigan’s introduction as the Colonel occurs during a commercial featuring MacDonald as he is promoting KFC Nashville Hot Chicken. During the commercial, Gaffigan wakes up in bed next to his wife and tells her that he had a nightmare that someone is impersonating him. Thus starts Gaffigan’s reign as Colonel Sanders.

Gaffigan commented on his portrayal of the Colonel, hinting that he would be introduced on Super Bowl Sunday.

“Every day is a good day for fried chicken. Even a random Sunday in February. What’s that … the bowl? No, it’s a bucket of fried chicken, a bowl is entirely too small, even a super one.”

Kevin Hochman, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC’s U.S. division, revealed that he was in the dark about how MacDonald would leave the role of Colonel Sanders, and who the real Colonel Sanders would be passed onto. In fact, it seems he learned about the transition on YouTube, according to PRN Newswire.

“When I found out Colonel Norm was all a dream and the Real Colonel Sanders is Jim Gaffigan I was stunned. But then I ate some of our new Nashville Hot Chicken and it was all good. If the fans want to see Colonel Norm they can go to YouTube. I did.”

The newest KFC add will air during the Super Bowl, showing the first official glimpse at Jim Gaffigan as Colonel Sanders.

Although the return of Colonel Sanders has received mixed reviews from fans of Kentucky Fried Chicken, the introduction of Jim Gaffigan will surely bring a new perspective to the brand.

How do you feel about Jim Gaffigan replacing Norm MacDonald? Who would you like to see take on the Colonel Sanders moniker next?

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