‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Is Rescued, Elizabeth Faces Truths And Changes, And Helena’s Will Is Read

There is a great deal of drama slated to go down during the week of February 8 on General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Sam’s situation will be resolved, but it may set the stage for many emotional moments as everybody in Port Charles sorts through the aftermath. There is more on the way regarding Nikolas and Hayden, Lulu and Dante, and others throughout town as well.

As viewers saw at the end of Friday’s episode, Sam had passed out again as the situation in the basement grew even more dangerous. However, Jason had just arrived at Elizabeth’s house and knew something was horribly wrong. As We Love Soaps shares, Jason will be trying to get to Sam before it is too late, and General Hospital spoilers have indicated that he will succeed. Sam may need to stay at the hospital for a brief bit, but she will ultimately be fine.

When Jake awoke from his surgery, he freaked out a bit and told Liz that he didn’t mean to kill “her.” General Hospital spoilers indicate that this coming week, Liz will be very worried about Jake’s involvement in what happened to Sam.

Elizabeth and Jason have grown increasingly concerned about Jake’s behavior, and while he did not directly injure Sam in this recent confrontation, it is clear that he needs help. Interestingly, Liz is said to receive some comfort from an unlikely source later in the week.

Paul will receive a visit from Anna and General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be digging into his life, as well as his family’s goings-ons, to try to figure out what he’s been up to lately. According to Soap Central, Anna will put together a plan in the coming episodes to manage the Paul situation.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that there will be some obstacles popping up for Maxie and Nathan in this coming week, but they will also decide to try to bring Lulu and Dante back together again. Is there still hope for Dante and Lulu to repair their relationship and give their marriage another shot?

Nikolas is said to be trying to uncover answers about his new wife, asking many questions about Hayden’s past. In addition, General Hospital spoilers tease that Tracy will be mighty unhappy with Hayden during Wednesday’s show.

Teasers detail that Hayden will be telling Tracy things that do not go over well, and somehow Hayden will soon be urging Dillon to get Tracy to a doctor. Hayden is caught in quite the web of lies and General Hospital spoilers note that not far down the road the truth about her identity will shake things up significantly in Port Charles.

Alexis and Sonny will be picking up on Kristina’s issues and General Hospital spoilers share that Molly and T.J. will have some things to consider in their relationship. In addition, Ava and Julian will talk as she scrambles for a way to cut herself off from the mob for good.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny, Carly and Michael will be talking about the Sabrina situation, as Michael considers heading to Puerto Rico to find her. This week brings the reading of Helena’s will as well, which is said to shake things up a great deal in Port Charles as well.

Will this near-death experience bring Jason and Sam closer as many suspect? Elizabeth and the boys are said to move into Wyndemere after the fire and everybody can be sure there is more drama ahead for Liz and Jake in these next episodes as well. Tune in to General Hospital, airing weekdays on ABC, to see just how wild things get during the week of February 8.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]