‘Clash Of Clans’: Understanding The New Clan Developer Website And Interface

Clash of Clans continues to be the biggest and most successful mobile gaming title to date, giving birth to a number of spin-offs and other titles inspired on the premise of Clash of Clans. With the threat, however little, these smaller titles pose on Clash of Clans, Supercell strives to keep Clash of Clans at the forefront of its genre.

To keep Clash of Clans at the top of the game, Supercell revealed a new platform to augment the Clash of Clans gaming experience: a new Clash of Clans developer’s website and application program interface (API).

Announced at the Supercell forums earlier this week by Supercell staff Anoushka, Clash of Clans is getting a new developer website. The new API is still in beta, so expect a lot of tweaking and toying around, but it’s proving to be a good opportunity for Clash of Clans to transition outside the mobile space. As of now, Anoushka writes that the developer website is still mainly for clan management and leaderboards.

“The Clash of Clans developer website is now live at https://developer.clashofclans.com. Access Clan Search, Global and Local Leaderboards, Clan and Player Profiles and Leagues. More to come soon!

“The Clash Game API provides near real-time access to game related data. In order to access the API, you need a developer account and a key for your application. Getting Started page can be found here, and Supercell’s Terms of Service here.”

Everyone can register and access the new Clash of Clans API! (via Clash of Clans forums)

The new website is still quite limited, allowing (near) real-time clan results (including badge images and member lists), and other location-based rankings. Since the new Clash of Clans website is still in its beta stage, the developers are looking forward to how the Clash of Clans users will make use of the developer site, along with feedback and suggestions on what features to add to the website, going forward.

A lot of people, however, are left clueless by the announcement by Supercell, asking what in the world is this new API and what is it for.

Clash of Clans user SuperMatt tries to explain API in the most understandable Clash of Clans scenario, saying that the API is basically a way for anyone to write a computer program or webpage that can extract data from the Supercell database without accessing the game. He cites an example where clan moderators can pull out all the names of the members of their clan using the new API without doing so manually in-game.

Accessing the new API (via Clash of Clans API)

While other people felt this is only a redundancy in the game, since the data available in the new API is basically only the data already available in game, some people believe that the possibilities are endless with the new developer website. Another user notes that especially with managing clans, the new API is useful since he won’t be resorting anymore to manually updating the clan roster via Google sheets.

SuperCell forum moderator AxionXD adds the following.

“I saw a test usage of it in action on a test site, it can be very nice actually. For example, my clan site (link in signature; I haven’t really maintained it… forgive me) where I have a roster of active members. With the API, it can update that clan roster LIVE including current badge, trophy counts, etc. So then lazy webmasters like me don’t have to manually maintain our clan website’s roster as it can be updated live from the Supercell servers.

“There are many more potential to it, if you are a developer there’s so much potential to this.

“Soon, a crafty programmer may come up with easy to use widgets that maybe you can even add to your android home page?! Imagine that, almost like an email app you can have an app that shows you the status of your clan. Or simple widgets that can be embedded to existing websites. The possibilities could be endless!”

Expounding on what Anoushka previously noted, the new developer website is basically still a blank canvas right now for Clash of Clans players to build with and build on. While the API could only mean serious business for serious players and devs right now, what it can be weeks or months from now is exciting for Clash of Clans users all over the globe.

As of announcement, all Clash of Clans players can already access the new developer website and register via https://developer.clashofclans.com. Play around with the new Clash of Clans API and you might just stumble upon a new idea that can revolutionize your Clash of Clans experience.

Clash of Clans continue to top the mobile gaming market (via Supercell)

[Image via Supercell]