Madonna’s “Turn Up The Radio” Features Singer Cruising Italy, Picking Up Prostitutes [Video]

Madonna is ready to “Turn up the Radio” in her new video that features the material girl cruising around the streets of Italy picking up a collection of strangers–including a break dancer and two prostitutes.

Madonna’s “Turn up the Radio” video is the latest single from her album MDNA and has the upbeat feel of her previous single “Girl Gone Wild,” London’s Metro reported. The newest single has a message of living for the moment, featuring the lyrics: ‘I’m stuck like a moth to a flame/I’m so tired of playing this game/I don’t know how I got to this state/Let me out of my cage cause I’m dying’.

The producer for Madonna’s “Turn up the Radio” video, Martin Solveig , told MTV that they were “working with no limits,” on the video.

‘I think the only thing that she said when we started was, “I just want people to be able to dance to my music and connect easily with my music”, and also probably to take some risks at some point.’

Madonna, who taking her MDNA world tour to London on Tuesday, could use some of the buzz the “Turn up the Radio” video will bring. The singer has been caught up in a bit of controversy over the past few days, with separate lawsuits announced for her sample used on “Vogue” and for using a swastika in her concert.

Madonna's "Turn Up The Radio" Features Singer Cruising Italy, Picking Up Prostitutes [Video]

Madonna’s “Turn up the Radio” video is the third overall from her 2012 release and was shot in Italy earlier this summer, with initial reports saying it would be in Rome though the final product was actually filmed in Florence. A teaser of the video was released Friday as Perez Hilton reported its Monday release date.