Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa’s Son Brings Them Back Together, But They’re ‘Not Banging,’ Just BFFs

At Wiz Khalifa’s new album release party on February 5, all the romance signs starting pointing in the same direction. It looked like there was a relationship revival going on between Khalifa, 28, and his ex, Amber Rose.

The Mirror reported that the “former couple” appeared to be getting “rather cosy” at the event itself, and even closer on the ride home. There was some near-kissing and lots of cuddling going on in the car, and they shared the whole thing on Snapchat, which totally “fueled rumors” that the two were getting back together.

The “very sexy” video made the rounds on Twitter, and fans were convinced the “incredibly close display” proved that Amber and Wiz were back together, but the Daily Mail reports that there was nothing to it. The intimacy wasn’t Wiz’s hello to a rekindled romance with Amber. It was just Khalifa and Rose having some fun together. The Snapchat video was also part of a plan, according to TMZ.

A source told the celebrity gossip site that Amber and Wiz weren’t happy with Kanye West’s claim he brought them together. They “knew exactly what they were doing,” and how it would be interpreted by the fans who’d love to see a romantic reunion for the former couple.

Khalifa and Rose wanted to make it clear that their relationship is up to the two of them to decide, and has nothing to do with Amber’s ex, Kanye. West and his wife Kim Kardashian have been part of a very public online spat with Rose and Khalifa, and things were getting out of hand. West even brought Amber and Wiz’s son, Sebastian, into the argument, but soon realized how awful it was to drag a child into the mud.

Kanye did think he could take credit for bringing Amber and Wiz back together again, according to a source who spoke with TMZ. The source said that he saw his role in the reunion as a “common enemy thing,” and thought the fight he had with Khalifa brought the couple together.

Funny how Kanye said Wiz wouldn’t have even been w Amber if it wasn’t for him. But Kanye wouldn’t have been w Kim if it wasn’t for Ray J lol

— Growing up Mexican (@TheMexicanVines) February 1, 2016

Amber and her “BFF,” Wiz, say their new relationship is nothing to do with Kanye, and everything to do with being good parents to their son. A spokesperson for Amber Rose explained the situation to the Mail Online, and made it clear that Amber and Wiz are back together only as “just friends.”

“They just realized their son would suffer if they continued their war over him.”

According to the gossip site, Young, Black and Fabulous, Amber and Wiz have been “happily co-parenting” for some time. The “360” difference from last year is something they worked on together. Twitter user Maddy B wrote that Amber Rose and Wiz’ relationship is an example of good parenting and being a family, even if mom and dad are no longer a couple.

The YB&F site pointed out that the divorce has yet to be finalized, and both Wiz and Amber are single, “so it could happen.” The possibility is there, but the rapper and model have other plans. One good reason to make sure they are getting along well enough to be good parents to Sebastian is that Amber and Wiz’s son is featured in Wiz’s new album. Their son will need a strong bond between his parents to support him as he starts getting famous as a rapper!

Fans can still hope that Amber and Wiz will become a couple again, but in the meantime, they love seeing how well the two stars get along for the sake of their son.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]