France surrenders future of endangered hamster

The French Government is in trouble with the European Union (EU) for surrendering the future of an endangered hamster.

The EU claims that the French have allowed the greater hamster of Alsace, the only wild hamster left in Western Europe to decline to the point of extension. The hamster ‘s habitat has been decimated by suburban sprawl and its preferred food of wheat, barley, lucerne and cabbages replaced by Maize in French fields.

The EU is asking for fines of up to €17 million, or €68,000 for each of the 250 animals still thought to be living in wild.

According to the NZ Herald, the French Government has previously done what all French Governments do, and offered farmers a subsidy for growing food the hamsters would eat. Like all subsidies though, it’s worked so well that Hamster numbers have declined by 50% in seven years the subsidies have been offered.

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