Ted Cruz Warns That North Korea Plans To Use An ‘EMP Strike’ To Destroy America At Tonight’s GOP Debate

Ted Cruz mentioned that Americans should fear an EMP strike from North Korea rather than a nuclear one at the GOP debate in New Hampshire tonight. His statement comes amid North Korea’s complete disregard of U.N. sanctions for its nuclear and missile programs.

CNN reports that North Korea has launched an unsanctioned long-range missile today at around 9:30 (7:30 pm ET) today over the Yellow Sea.

Th United States immediately viewed the move as “destabilizing and provocative.”

CNN, like Cruz, also claimed that Japan and South Korea says that North Korea plans to launch a satellite into orbit. However, their beliefs for the satellite going into space as a front for a ballistic missile test. A presumption, which seems more credible now that a launch actually occured.

The launch raised eyebrows across the globe, even though the location did not seem to pose an immediate threat to the U.S. or our allies.

“Based upon its trajectory, it was determined that it did not pose a threat to the U.S. or our allies. The launch vehicle appears to have reached space.”

More specifically he warned contenders and audience members at the debate of imminent EMP strikes which could be just as davastating as a nuclear strike.

Vice News describes electromagnetic pulses, or EMPs are non-nuclear “e-bombs” that silently attack electricity. It “eplodes” as a burst of energy that fries electronic circuits within a blast radius.

In theory, an EMP could easily dismantle the American power grid if the blast radius is large enough. This blast would effectively spiral the U.S. back into the stone age.

The military, communication systems, and defense technology would be out of the commission due to an EMP. Ted Cruz, and most of the GOP presidential candidates, appeared to come to the consensus that anything that North Korea puts into the atmosphere should be agressively dealt with.

Even if that means hastily making preemptive strikes to alleviate any potential threats before they happen.

Peter Pry, director of a bipartisan congressional commission, said that an EMP strike could kill “nine out of ten Americans” due to starvation, disease, and societal collapse, if the blackout lasted a year.”

And according to Business Insider, billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer warned that EMP strikes are the “most significant threat” to American security — even more so than a nuclear strike.

So is Cruz justified in his fears of an EMP apocalypse?

A quick Google search of the damage EMP blasts will yield articles and fearmongering videos which will shoot chills down your spine.

A post-EMP world sounds similar to the now romanticized post-Zombie one. EMPs however, set a more grim existential awakening that a real-world Walking Dead wouldn’t be as cool as season 6 looks to be, via the Inquisitr.

So perhaps the “tinfoil” hat crowd isn’t simply shouting into the dark as the U.S. military is reportedly preparing bunkers and equipment to shield the United States from EMPs, Vice News writes.

Nevertheless, Cruz’s EMP remarks already comes with backlash via Twitter,

Do you think that Ted Cruz’s warning has any real merit? And if Cruz is right and an EMP strike is imminent — how will you and your loved ones prepare?

[AP Photo/David Goldman & Extremetech.com]

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