Charlie Sheen Offers Advice For Troubled Johnny Manziel — ‘Focus On Health & Football’

It was already known that Charlie Sheen is a huge football fan and now the HIV-positive bad boy is offering up some advice for Johnny Football. Just one day after Johnny Manziel’s dad issued a huge plea for help for his son, Sheen jumped on Twitter to offer the troubled football star some advice. The crazy thing is, Charlie was absolutely right when he tweeted out a message urging Johnny to “focus on health & football” according to the New York Daily News.

Things aren’t looking so great right now for Johnny Manziel, who is currently under investigation for an altercation with his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley in Dallas last Friday night leading into the early hours of Saturday morning. Johnny is accused of repeatedly hitting Colleen during a car ride home from a downtown Dallas hotel. Crowley claims that her ex-boyfriend insisted on taking her home after she had too many drinks but it wasn’t a peaceful ride home. According to the police report. Crowley accused Manziel of not only hitting her but also of threatening to kill her during the drive.

Since news broke of Manziel’s second domestic dispute with Colleen that ended in a call to police in the last few months, the football phenom’s career is looking to be in bigger jeopardy than ever before. Even before Manziel was accused of hitting Crowley multiple times during a car ride from Dallas to Ft. Worth, there were rumors that the Cleveland Browns were looking for a new quarterback. Now there is a pretty certain expectation that the Browns will release Manziel on March 9.

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam claims that he has been trying to speak with Johnny Manziel about the Colleen Crowley domestic violence case and concerns he has about Johnny’s well being. Haslam says that despite his efforts, he has not been able to reach Manziel.

To make matters even worse, Manziel has no agent. Erik Burkhardt announced on Friday that he will no longer be Manziel’s agent in a statement that made it clear that he believes Manziel needs help and is not taking the appropriate steps to get said help. Burkhardt released a statement after firing Johnny as his client that said, “it has become painfully obvious that his future rests solely in his own hands.”

On Friday, Johnny’s dad told the Dallas Morning News, “I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday.” Manziel reportedly refuses to go to rehab even though his family and his former agent have tried to convince the troubled football star to get some help. Johnny insists he doesn’t need any help despite the fact that his previously very promising football career is falling apart right before his eyes. Manziel did reach out to TMZ after the incident, claiming that he is just fine.

Even though Johnny Manziel is currently in the middle of a criminal police investigation, has no agent, and won’t have a team after next month, some think he can still save his football career. Charlie Sheen tweeted this message to Johnny, “@JManziel2 it’s time 2 refocus all of your energy on health & football! it’s never 2 late 2 get a fresh start” A fresh start is exactly what Johnny Manziel needs right now, but will the troubled football star be willing to get the help he needs in order to start over?

[Photo by Stephen Breshear/Getty Images]