Seath Jackson, Michael Bargo: Oxygen’s ‘#KillerPost’ Airs Florida Facebook Murder Of Missing Teen Found Dead In Lake

Seath Tyler Jackson, the Florida teen who was lured to a home where he was beaten and burned alive, will make the case for Oxygen’s hit crime documentary series #KillerPost. Fifteen-year old Seath Tyler Jackson (pronounced Seth) died in 2011. His killer, Michael Bargo, was convicted and sentenced to death row for the brutal murder, according to New York Daily News. There were also several others who were originally arrested in the case — 18-year-old Charlie Kay Ely, 15-year-old Amber E. Wright, 20-year-old Justin Soto, 16-year-old Kyle Hooper, and 37-year-old James Haven III. During #KillerPost‘s latest episode, Oxygen viewers will listen to the story as it is told by law enforcement detectives, friends, and family members of the parties involved.

A Crime Most Gruesome

Seath Tyler Jackson’s death hit newspapers all around the country after his remains were found scattered in paint buckets that had been dumped in an old lime pit, according to the New York Post. In that lake, police found at least three buckets of the teen’s body parts. An autopsy report later confirmed that the dismembered parts belonged to Seath Tyler Jackson. His mother had originally reported him missing when he didn’t return home that Sunday.

Police had already started their missing persons investigation, until a parent called them to say that her son witnessed the murder of Seath Jackson. The youth decided to tell his mother the truth about what really happened to Seath after a news report appeared on the local news.

Jackson’s family members were sick with grief after hearing the gruesome details. Detectives learned that Seath Jackson had been having an online fight with his ex-girlfriend on social media. The posts were littered with foul language, accusations, and name calling. The breakup between Seath Jackson and Amber had been bitter, and it all played out on Facebook. Here are a couple of the Facebook posts, according to Ocala.

“Amber: (to Seath) “Yuur nothing but a huge (expletive) joke! All yuu know how to do is b—tch tlk (expletive) and whine when yuu dont get what yuu want! Get over the fact that i left yuu. Get the (expletive) over YOURSELF bro! Yuur not needed here any (expletive) more. So catch the…hint and dip out! I dont need yuu for (expletive) anymore. So just pack up and leave me be (epithet)! Trust me im sure yuu can do it, its really not hard. But then again it might be hard for yuu. Yuu know seeings how yuur not so bright anyways (just saying) but i think ive said enough here. Buh bye! [sic]”

“Seath: (to Amber) “ok (derogatory name) your hous is giting (burned) the (expletive) down with your (expletive) in it with your moma kyle your (expletive) dady and yo (expletive) boy frind and i will dip out but ummmmm just for the recered how does it feel to be cheated on [sic]”

Facebook Posts Led To Murder

Amber had begun dating a new guy who absolutely hated Seath Jackson. The new guy was Michael Bargo, and a plan was put into place to lure Seath Jackson to a home located at 13890 Southeast 53rd Avenue in Summerfield, Florida, by sending him a text message that there was a chance to get back together with Amber Wright. But detectives say that when he arrived at the home, he was ambushed by Michael Bargo and several others who beat the boy on the head, using wooden objects. He was also shot and placed in a bathtub where his knees were broken. After seeing that the boy was still alive, they set fire to his body in a sleeping bag, then took the remains and placed them in several paint buckets before dumping them in that abandoned lake.

It was a horrible end to an online Facebook battle that took a turn for the worst. A look into Michael Bargo’s background showed that he was a troubled teen who grew up with an alcoholic father with an explosive temper. He also had several run-ins with the law. Another bizarre aspect to this sad story is that an adult at that home had the chance to stop it. According to authorities, James Haven III, the 37-year-old stepfather, knew of the plan to kill Seath Jackson and later helped his stepson get rid of the body.

To find out what happened to the other participants in this crime, catch an all-new #KillerPost tonight on Oxygen at 9/8 central.

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