‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: The Bloody Battle Continues In The Midseason Premiere — Carl Suffers

The mid-season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead is less than two weeks away now, and AMC is trying to get fans ready for all the blood and battles. Many have been wondering what is going to happen after being left on the edge for the cliffhanger in the mid-season 6 finale. Well, the spoilers are now up and confirmed, and one main character is going to suffer a serious situation that will change things entirely.

From this point on, please know there are possible SPOILERS for season 6 of The Walking Dead. If you don’t want to know what may or may not happen, then stop reading now. Also, please note that while this info is confirmed as of now, things are always subject to change.

The Spoiling Dead Fans have revealed a lot of info for the next episode, which will air on Valentine’s Day, but not all of it yet. Again, as of time of posting, this info is accurate, but it could change by the time it airs.

the walking dead season 6 spoilers daryl dixon

Things are going to open with the trio of Daryl Dixon, Abe, and Sasha after they’ve just come face-to-face with the biker gang. This is right after Negan was first named-dropped on the series, and things are going to get big-time serious.

With their guns all pointed at the trio of survivors, but that’s not enough to stop Daryl. He ends up saving them all from danger and then blows up the bikers with the rocket launcher before the trio gets back in the truck to head back.

Back in the Alexandria safe-zone, the group of survivors covered in the blood of the Walkers are trying to make their way through the horde. Rick soon realizes that the flares to draw their attention won’t work as there are simply too many Walkers around so a new plan is needed.

Father G offers up himself as the person to take Judith to safety, and she is passed over to him. The two make their way to the church. At this time, Enid and Glenn are partnering together to save Maggie, and that’s when it all happens.

the walking dead season 6 mideason premiere spoilers carl

It appears as if the midseason premiere rumor that has been around since before season 6 started is going to turn out to be true.

Rick, Carl, Michonne, Ron, Jessie, and Sam clasp hands and begin making their way back through the sea of Walkers. Sam totally freaks out and just stops where he is standing, while Jessie begs him to keep going.

Sam can’t go on and ends up getting by the Walkers who have taken notice, and that ends up with Sam screaming and bringing more attention. While Sam is yelling out in fear and pain, Jessie freezes and can’t move either. A Walker grabs her shoulder and she doesn’t move at first, but then is quickly overcome by a lot more of them.

Jessie grips Carl’s hand tighter as all this is going on, and he can’t break free. He tries to get Rick to help him, and this leads to Rick slicing off Jessie’s hand with his ax.

Ron immediately picks up the gun that Jessie dropped to the ground and he aims it at Rick. In a moment that almost seems frozen in time, Carl jumps at him as the gun fires and it results with Carl getting shot.

Ron aims at Rick again, and that ends up being his fatal mistake. That action leads to Michonne taking her katana and placing it firm, hard, and straight into the chest of Ron. He is no more, as revealed by Hidden Remote.

the walking dead spoilers season six michonne

Rick finally has a chance to gather his thoughts and he turns to see blood spewing from Carl’s eye and his son softly speaking out “Dad,” and then falling to the group.

Carol kind of gets out of her trance during all this and shoots the Wolf, killing him.

Denise ends up getting back to the infirmary safely, and it’s just in time as Rick bursts in with Carl. Needless to say, but Carl is bleeding profusely and Denise goes to work on him right away to help him while Rick stands back helpless.

He doesn’t stay helpless long.

Rick decides to take matters into his own hands (with his ax), and begins destroying as many Walkers as he possibly can. Other Alexandrians stare shocked for a minute, but then realize what he’s doing is what needs to be done and they join him in destroying the undead.

That’s all of the spoilers that are currently known for the midseason 6 premiere of The Walking Dead, but it seems like enough to fill four or five episodes. From here, the wonder is how successful will the Alexandrians fight be? Will Glenn find Maggie? Will Daryl and the other two make it back to fight the Walkers? Tune in to find out.

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