Adrian Grenier Stands Up for Himself-- and Paris Hilton?

Adrian Grenier gave an oddly jovial-yet-defensive response to current rumors in Page Six Magazine involving Isabel Lucas as well as his possible relationship with Paris Hilton. How can someone say so much without saying anything at all? And furthermore, how can anyone say lots of positive things about Paris Hilton? Oh yes, he did it:

"I have a lot of respect for Paris. She's ballsy. She's learned to play with the paparazzi attention and have fun with it, and she creates little mysteries in the tabloid arena. I have fun with her, but it's always been platonic. [Our relationship] wasn't sexual though I understand that sex sells."

When asked about Isabel Lucas, Grenier responded that "She and I have a very open communication. [...] If you want to know the whole story, you've got to be my friend. It's easy to put those labels on people, but they're not accurate."

The only thing that most likely wasn't accurate was the description of Paris. Sure, their relationship "wasn't sexual." That's why they were glued to each other, right? **Raised eyebrows.**

Image: WireImage