Harry Styles ‘Not That Into’ Kendall Jenner: Well There’s A shock

Life is rarely dull for fans of Harry Styles. Barely a day passes without Styles being the subject of often hilariously ridiculous headlines in the gossip columns. The one thing that really annoys Harry’s fans is the never-ending stream of stories linking Styles with some female celebrity or another. It sometimes seems that Harry only has to be on the same continent as a beautiful woman before the media links the two together. It’s not just romance rumors that Styles attracts, either. Earlier this week Inquisitr reported on a raft of wacky headlines that Harry has been the subject of over the past year.

Fans of Styles and One Direction will need no reminding that around the new year Harry shot off to the Caribbean with his mom for a few days of rest on a super yacht with the Azoff family. Harry was able to enjoy a few days before Kendall and Kris Jenner joined in on the yacht, and sure enough the media was flooded with pictures and stories claiming that Styles and Jenner had resurrected their reported 2013 romance.

The Daily Mail even informed the world that Kendall and Harry must be serious because they brought their mothers along. Just think about that one for a second. You’re off for a hot date with a new love and you take your mom along? Few fans of Styles were the slightest bit surprised when the Sun turned its gaze in Harry’s direction by reporting that he was cheating on Kendall with London Stylist Pandora Lennard.

Everyone was expected to play along until the gossip columns told us that Harry’s latest romance was all over. We didn’t have to wait long. Hello magazine tells readers that Kendall flew halfway across the world to join Harry at Jeff Azoff’s birthday party. It seems Kendall only spent an hour at the party before walking out whilst Harry paid tribute to birthday boy Jeff.

After just three weeks, Harry’s latest big romance was over. If you can keep your sense of humor regarding Harry’s romance rumors, the stories can be a gift that keeps on giving. This week has seen another rush of stories about Styles and Jenner that will either have you giggling like a fool or shaking your head in despair.

At the beginning of the week, News Network Australia reported that Harry had dumped Kendall because he was not ready for commitment and apparently Kendall was not happy.

“Kendall is kicking herself for getting sucked in again by Harry. She feels like such a fool. It’s true that they never talked specifically about the relationship, but she never would have hooked up with him so publicly if she knew it was just going to stay casual.”

Aceshowbiz reported that Kendall was refusing to have sex with Harry until he proved that he was 100 percent committed to her. It seems a “reliable source” told Life & Style that Harry would be dumped if he “makes one wrong move.”

Now, according to U.K. tabloid the Daily Star, poor Kendall has told friends that she thinks Harry “just isn’t into her.” Allegedly, Kendall was “crushed” when she heard that Harry had spent the night with Pandora Lennard and upset when Styles blanked her at Azoff’s party.

“Kendall allowed herself to get swept away with the romance, upsetting her good friend Taylor Swift who’s also dated the One Direction star in the past, in the process.”

Very few Styles fans will be surprised at Kendall and Harry’s relationship being over so quickly. Many believe that Harry was used to “acting as a beard” for Kendall. Their rumored relationship was reported just as Mirror revealed that Jenner was about to be “outed” as gay by a U.S. magazine.

If Jenner is in fact gay, it seems hardly believable that in 2016 she would still feel the need to conceal her sexuality, but it certainly could be a possibility. Styles himself has been widely rumored to be gay, and many fans think the reports linking Harry to women are a way of concealing that fact.

Earlier this week, Union J singer George Shelley used YouTube to state that he does not want to attach any label to his sexuality. It seems incredible to think that Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles or anyone else would be subject to rumors about their sexuality. Why does anyone even care?

What Harry’s fans do care about is the ongoing narrative that has painted Styles as a womanizer since he was just 16-years-old. Styles fans will not be surprised to read that Harry’s romance with Kendall is over, because for most it never even started.

[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]