Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kanye West’s Twitter Feud With Amber Rose, Embarrassing Secrets Reportedly Made Kim Mortified

Kim Kardashian is reportedly leaning toward divorce after husband Kanye West’s Twitter feud with Amber Rose and the secrets it dredged up left her embarrassed and devastated.

Kanye and his model ex-girlfriend went to war over Twitter last week, with the two each taking shots at each other. One of the most embarrassing allegations came from Amber Rose, who detailed a very specific fetish that the rapper reportedly enjoyed during their roughly two years together.

Sources say the feud re-ignited old anger that Amber had been holding toward Kim, whom she accuses of stealing her man. Now, Life & Style is reporting that Kim is furious at Kanye West for “antagonizing” his ex-girlfriend and prompting her to make public the humiliating secret.

Celeb Dirty Laundry shares more details on the allegations.

“The source said all Kim Kardashian wanted to do after the embarrassing exposé was “crawl under the covers and never show her face again.” Reports say Kim is filing for divorce and never wants to see Yeezy again.

“Apparently this was the last straw for Kim, and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wouldn’t even let Kanye in the house she was so upset.”

The report added that Kim Kardashian is considering divorce, and even changed the code to her mansion and told security not to let Kanye in.

“She was so angry, she wouldn’t let Kanye into the house. She changed all the codes and asked security not to let him through the gate,” the source told Life & Style (via Radar Online). “[Kim] was fuming with Kanye for antagonizing Amber. She said she’s had enough. She believes every word of what Amber wrote. All she wanted to do was crawl under the covers and never show her face again.”

Other sources offer a different perspective, saying that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are not anywhere near divorce.

This is the latest in a very long series of rumors predicting divorce for Kim and Kanye. For as long as they have been together, reports have circulated that they were being torn apart by either jealousy, infidelity, and regular fighting.

Just last week, Celeb Dirty Laundry commented on other alleged trouble in the marriage. The report noted some rumors circulating that Kim Kardashian was jealous of Kanye’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez, but concluded that the real trouble was with Amber Rose.

The report noted the following.

“Lucky for J-Lo, Kim has put her obsession with her and whether or not Kanye would cheat on her with Lopez on the backburner – because she has bigger fish to fry…Amber Rose. If ever there was a good reason for Kim to divorce Kanye West, it would be the feud her husband got in to this week on Twitter with Amber Rose and her baby-daddy Wiz Khalifa. Amber proceeded to tell the world about Kanye’s sexual fetish (which included Amber’s fingers and the rapper’s butt), and Kim is absolutely mortified. So mortified that insiders close to her camp say that the reality TV star is trying to figure out a way to distance herself publicly from her husband – while not sparking divorce rumors. Too Late!”

If Kim Kardashian is leaning toward divorce, then she’s doing an excellent job keeping it hidden. Kim has given no public indication that there could be trouble with Kanye West. The two have been spotted together, and Kim’s Instagram is still filled with a steady stream of happy family pictures.

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