Colleen Crowley Files for a Restraining Order Following Johnny Manziel Assault

Relationship drama may seem more prevalent in the showbiz world, but it’s still pretty surprising when a relationship appears to turn violent. That seema to be the case with Colleen Crowley filing for a restraining order against Johnny Manziel, following an alleged assault that happened just last month. This appears to be something of a shocking turn of events in an already complicated celebrity love story.

Colleen and I got into a dumb public argument on the way home Monday afternoon. It probably looked more interesting than it was and…

— Johnny Manziel (@JManziel2) October 16, 2015

Cleveland Browns player Johnny Manziel’s relationship with Colleen Crowley has held a prominent spot in the public eye and that generally isn’t something that the couple seems to mind. However, an argument between the pair allegedly became violent on January 31, when Manziel allegedly assaulted his partner. The filing of a protective order was confirmed by Texas Christian University’s police department, which is where Colleen Crowley studies. Prior to this order, a Tarrant County judge ruled that family violence had occurred between the pair and the restraining order was the best action.

Regarding the argument that triggered this altercation, a police report released on February 4 outlined that local cops were called on January 31 following a night out of drinking and partying. According to Colleen Crowley, in the report, Manizel was alleged to have struck her several times, including on her left ear. At the same time, the NFL quarterback was believed to have threatened to kill his partner and himself during the altercation.

That being said, Johnny Manziel wasn’t arrested by local forces following the altercation at the end of January and no legal action is to be taken against the star. This appears to because Colleen Crowley has chosen to become increasingly uncooperative with detectives investigating the case and has even refused to have photographs of her injuries taken. Manziel has since come forward to provide his version of events around what happened between the pair and they tell a largely different story. He told TMZ that the altercation simply didn’t happen, adding, “I’m completely stable. I’m safe and secure.”

With Manziel’s version of events are taken into consideration, and Colleen Crowley refusing to cooperate with the aforementioned investigation, it does make a challenging chase. There’s currently a lot to be questioned and considered, but since no further legal action is to be taken, it is unclear if the public will ever know what happened on January 31.

Johnny Manziel is likely recognized as one of America’s most well-known football quarterback stars. He currently plays for Cleveland Browns, which is something of an achievement in its own right. His story definitely appears to be one of a complete rise from nothing with many speculating about where his career will head next. With that in mind, his relationship with Colleen Crowley dates back to 2014. Crowley is a Texan student who doesn’t appear to have spent much of her life in the public spotlight.

Colleen Crowley’s relationship with Johnny Manziel seems rocky. Considering the star’s allegedly violent past, these new allegations aren’t exactly unbelievable; that being said, there’s no known proof of what actually happened between the pair. Considering no charges are being perused, it’s very unlikely the public will ever know.

[Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images]