Cleavagegate: Susan Sarandon And Piers Morgan Bare It All On Twitter

Susan Sarandon, actress and L'Oreal spokeswoman, was present at the recent SAG Awards to present the In Memorium awards and also because she was nominated for an award for her work on The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe. Sarandon was accompanied by her son, Jack Robbin, and daughter, Eva Amurri. As is the case with any red carpet event, the outfits of the ladies were of particular interest, so as this trio arrived, Eva certainly drew attention with her royal blue gown, but it was Susan's revealing outfit that seemed to turn heads and to keep critics bashing The Rocky Horror Picture Show actress long after the SAG ceremony concluded.

Dead Man Walking's Susan Sarandon Is Attacked By Piers Morgan For Exposing Her Cleavage


Ms. Sarandon wore a Max Mara white jacket and trousers with a revealing black bra underneath the blazer. The outfit immediately drew criticism, as many of those seeking to criticize the 69-year-old actress felt that the attire was inappropriate for an awards ceremony, particularly when Susan was scheduled to host the In Memorium awards. At an event that also saw Ariel Winter criticized for revealing her own breast reduction scars, Ms. Sarandon found herself the recipient of many critics' insults.

"Susan Sarandon's titties look 32 years younger than her," commented Damon Wayans, Jr.

"Sarandon isn't the only too-old-to-wear-that celeb who has bared it all on the red carpet or gone over the top in inappropriate situations. Other actresses have tried holding onto their youth by wearing outfits that no one wants to see them in," stated blogger Alexa Lardieri, proving that ageism isn't just for Hollywood moguls.

One critic rose far above the rest, taking his insults to Twitter, where he was sure to expose and humiliate Susan to the highest number of fans and followers. Piers Morgan attacked the actress in a series of tweets, regarding Susan as tacky.

"Would Susan Sarandon wear this to a funeral? No. It was thus horribly inappropriate for an In Memoriam tribute. No problem with Ms Sarandon showing off her cleavage. Big problem with her doing it for 'In Memoriam' tribute. No, what's tacky is deliberately flaunting your breasts on TV for publicity, during a tribute to dead stars."

Susan Sarandon Fires Back, Inciting A Barrage Of Cleavage Pictures For Piers Morgan To Fume Over


Proving she's not one to let things pass, or to take things laying down, Susan fired back at Morgan by tweeting a picture of herself from the 1975 film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The shot was an image of Sarandon wearing nothing but a white lace bra, proving that, young or mature, she can always rock a cleavage shot. If this wasn't enough to send Piers running back in a hasty retreat, Susan was joined by masses of fans eager to present themselves in a show of what one fan called "cleavage solidarity."

Fans, both men and women, sent their own cleavage shots, eager for the Thelma & Louise actress to use their images in a battle against Piers Morgan and others like him.

"I finally have an excuse to send @SusanSarandon a pic of the ole moobs."
Susan received many pictures of men's moobs. She also received images of breasts from transgenders and women. Even those struggling with breast cancer sent in pictures for Ms. Sarandon's cause.

"These girls fed 2 babies; survived breast cancer," one woman wrote, adding, "STFU haters."

While he didn't exactly surrender in defeat, Piers did clarify his position and distance himself from the ageist remarks of some of his peers. He tweeted the fact that he was under "cleavage attack" and commented that he wasn't against cleavage, but that he was specifically against cleavage in a memorial setting.

"Just for the record, Susan Sarandon, I think your cleavage is magnificent. I'd just keep it hidden for In Memoriam tributes. Love Piers...," the critic said in a separate note to the actress.

[Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Turner]