Tori Spelling’s Family Moves Into Smaller Home Amid Money Troubles

Things are not looking good for Tori Spelling and her family right now. Tori and Dean both haven’t been working much lately and are having financial problems. Now it looks like Tori Spelling is moving her family once again, and this time it is into a smaller house. Radar Online shared the details about what is going on with Tori and her husband Dean and their four children. Right now, Dean’s son Jack is living with them as well.

This new move is actually Tori’s seventh move in just five years. It seems like her family never stays anywhere for very long. Tori and Dean had a rental house in Calabasas and they lived there for about six months. Now Tori is moving her family to another rental home in Encino.

Now don’t worry about Tori Spelling too much. Her new home is still really nice even if it is a downgrade for Spelling. The kids will still have a swimming pool along with a large yard. It also has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, so they will have plenty of room for all of the kids. A family source also shared part of why the Spelling family is moving again already.

“Tori just wasn’t happy in Calabasas. She thought the house was very dark and depressing. Whenever things get very stressful for Tori, she either goes shopping or moves.”

The source shared that Tori Spelling does want to work, but she just hasn’t had a lot offered to her lately. Tori and Dean did the reality television thing for a while, but after her show True Tori, they haven’t been picked back up for another reality series about their family. The source went on to explain, “Tori is very impulsive and the reason the family is in such a bad financial situation because of the bad deals made from the sale of their past houses.”

Tori and Dean will be paying $7,500 a month to rent this new home. The source shared that her friends are already taking bets on how long they live there and don’t think it will last a year. American Express filed a lawsuit against Tori Spelling to pay more than $38,000 in charges and a loan. An insider says that Dean actually wants her to file for bankruptcy. Tori doesn’t even want to talk about that possibility though.

Tori Spelling did recently get a job that will be bringing in some money though. According to ET, Tori was hired to work as Psychic Source’s new celebrity partner and spokesperson. Tori has never been shy about the fact that she loves psychics and does believe what they have to say to her. Tori gave a statement about her joining them and she couldn’t be more excited.

“I’m so excited to have the amazing advisors at Psychic Source available to me when I need insights into what’s going on in my life, and I look forward to inspiring others to come along on this journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with me!”

Tori Spelling is always trying out new psychics, making her a perfect fit for the company. No word on how much she is getting paid, but anything will help them out right now and make things easier when it comes to paying the bills.

Are you shocked to hear that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are moving once again? Would you like to see this family get back on reality television once again? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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