Giant Spider In Salad, Roach In Salad Get 6 Million Views -- Bad Buzz For Woolworths

The news about creepy-crawlies being found in packaged salads are causing quite a bit of buzz in the online world. First off was the huge and scary looking spider seen in the below video via ABC News, which shows a very much alive spider crawling around inside a salad mix.

On the Facebook post published by Zoe Perry‎, the video has racked up more than 6 million views and 80,000 comments in about 24 hours. The interesting description that accompanies the video calls out Woolworths for the surprise spider that Perry didn't expect to find in the Italian Style Salad Mix that she brought home. Zoe asked the Australian grocery store if the spider was the real reason for the recent recall announced.
"Hi Woolworths,

Shopping as per usual for Italian Style Salad Mix....get it home....Mum goes to open the packet and we are greeted by....

Is this what's actually behind the "salmonella" callbacks?

Kind Regards,

An arachnophobic family near Hurstville, NSW, Australia"

For their part, Woolworths commented on the viral post, letting Zoe know that the gigantic spider was a serious concern for the fruit and vegetable store. They asked Perry to contact them privately in order to get more information about the spider she found.
"Woolworths We're very concerned about this Zoe, and take incidents like this very seriously. Please let us know your phone number and state in a Private Message at so that we can follow this up with you ASAP. To let you know, this is not affected by our recall and the product is from a different farm and supplier. Thanks."
As reported by MTV, the seven seconds of horror that the spider in the salad video represents is the reason why it is going so viral online. No one wants to imitate what Zoe had to endure when thinking their simple salad might turn into a huge encounter with a scary spider.

The spider in the salad isn't the only insect in a salad purportedly purchased at Woolsworths that's causing buzz online. Sam Lester‎ posted a Facebook photo showing a roach in a salad also allegedly purchased at Woolworths. The Facebook post, showing a roach in a salad from Lester -- who lives near Darra, QLD, Australia, is gaining views.

"I've just looked at my salad for lunch to find a cockroach in it. After seeing yesterday a video of a spider in a bag of salad. This is is disappointing to see."
According to the Courier Mail, the man from Brisbane found a roach in a Woolworths caesar salad, but Woolworths made sure to explain that the salad wasn't one of their own.
"Woolworths We take food safety very seriously. This is a Houston's Farm branded product which is supplied to us.

"While we investigate this issue with our supplier, we are withdrawing this batch of product from sale. Thanks."

Sam hadn't yet bit into the salad that he had purchased from Woolsworths for lunch. Sam cited the fact that he'd seen the video of the Woolsworths salad with the spider in it -- and found it a disappointment that he claimed to find a roach in his salad.

Woolworths announced that they were taking the batch of the salad wherein the roach was found off the shelves as they research what happened with the salad's supplier. With so much bad news surrounding the Woolworths pre-packaged salads, shoppers wonder how the sales of all of Woolworths products will fare. Their spinach and lettuce mixes were plagued with salmonella poisoning instances, which caused them to be recalled. The same salads were also recalled from an additional store.

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