TED Talks: Watch The Top 10 TED Talks On Health

TED Talks inspire in every area of life. For people who are concerned about their health, either because of illness, old age, or just being conscious of how they live, TED Talks on health can be a comfort. These talks also have the ability to open eyes and minds when it comes to understanding the healthcare system and health issues. Watch some of the greatest TED Talks on health below.

1. Greatist reveals numerous TED Talks on health that are truly mind-blowing. One of these TED Talks is by Derek Sivers and it’s called “Keep Your Goals to Yourself.” Sivers speaks about how when people share their health and fitness goals, it can actually lead to failure, rather than success.

2. Graham Hill’s TED Talk called “Why I’m a Weekday Vegetarian” will enlighten and entertain. He discusses the negative side of eating meat with his desire to eat it anyway and he talks about how he has compromised by eating no meat through the week and loading up on Saturday and Sunday.

3. Living to the age of 100+ is something everyone would like to accomplish, provided they are healthy, of course. Dan Buettner gives one of the best TED Talks on this very topic, “How to Live to be 100+.” Buettner reveals that most people die 12 years before the average age the human body is built to live, which is 90 years. In his journey around the world working for National Geographic, Buettner has determined that social interactions and cultural beliefs have a great deal to do with longevity.

4. “Healing Through Diet” is another incredible TED Talk on health by Dean Ornish. Ornish speaks on the ability and desire of the body to heal itself. He also discusses the importance of good nutrition for a healthy and longer life.

5. Dia Manuel lists a number of awesome TED Talks that are about health and wellbeing. A.J. Jacobs gives one of the best TED Talks ever on health in his talked called, “How Healthy Living Nearly Killed Me.” Jacobs essentially follows every piece of health and fitness advice he has ever heard and found out it’s better to take wellness one step at a time and keep a healthy perspective.

6. Famous chef Jamie Oliver did one of the best TED Talks, entitled, “Teach Every Child About Food.” Oliver is passionate about reducing the rate of obesity among children and that passion is evident in this talk.

7. Lucien Engelen has posted some of the top TED Talks on health-related topics on LinkedIn. One of these informative talks is “What your doctor won’t disclose” by Leana Wen. This is a discussion about transparency in the field of medicine and how the medical industry has a long way to go.

8. Abraham Verghese has done an incredible TED Talk called “A Doctor’s Touch,” which explores the idea that the medical profession is slowly losing the most important tool in a doctor’s medical arsenal, that of human touch. Verghese discusses the importance of returning to the more traditional medical exam.

9. Atul Gawande presents an incredible TED Talk called “How do we heal medicine?” In it, he discusses how doctors are losing their primary focus, which is to treat people. He also says it’s time to take a step back and redefine how medicine is practiced.

10. The final entry of the best of TED Talks on health is Alexander Tsiaras’ talk “Conception to birth – visualized.” This is an amazing and fascinating video that takes viewers through every step of the growth of a person from conception to birth and beyond.

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