‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Danger Swirls In Port Charles As Relationships Shift And Chaos Erupts

What can fans expect from Friday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers share that there will be some action related to Jake, Elizabeth, Jason and Sam, plus there is plenty going on with other characters in Port Charles as well. According to rumors, this February 5 show will be a juicy one that fans will not want to miss.

Kiki and Morgan have been slowly rebuilding their relationship and they shared a sweet kiss on Thursday’s show. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps indicate that things may take a turn in Friday’s episode. Morgan will experience a side effect from his medication that causes some problems and previews show Kiki calling him out for whatever happened.

While viewers will have to tune in to see how this plays out, Celeb Dirty Laundry details that the offense might be tied to sex. General Hospital spoilers hint that Morgan’s medications may be causing some side effects that will hamper his ability to perform, so to speak, but does Kiki get upset because Morgan is too presumptive about their relationship by bringing it up, or for some other reason?

There is buzz that Morgan will be having some significant issues related to his bipolar disorder due to messing with his meds. Now, some wonder if it will be tied to his desire to be with Kiki as their relationship grows again. He may cut back or stop taking his meds to try to ensure he can be with her without performance issues.

Also ahead on Friday’s show, Nina will be pushing pretty hard on the idea of having a child with Franco. He has been resistant, specifically voicing his concerns over having a biological child. Nina then mentioned the idea of adoption, instead. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will be jumping into this with both feet, though Franco is clearly still hesitant about having a child.

Nina is quite determined that the time is right to have a child, no matter the path they take, but Franco obviously is not on the same page. Will Nina’s heart end up crushed when she realizes that Franco may not be willing to go along with her plans, or will she convince him that they should go for it?

Sonny will meet his new doctor, Dr. Griffin Munro, on Friday and it seems these two may actually hit it off. General Hospital spoilers also detail that Molly will be pushing Kristina to come clean about what she’s been feeling so anxious about. Will Kristina fill Molly in on the intriguing conflict she’s been having with her professor?

Jason and Elizabeth will learn more about a complication that came up during Jake’s surgery while General Hospital spoilers tease that the little guy will seemingly confess to killing Sam. Viewers know that this isn’t really what happened, but in his eyes, that is how things played out.

Sam is still stuck in the basement of Elizabeth’s place and her situation is about to go from bad to worse. General Hospital spoilers detail that a fire will be breaking out, putting her life in grave danger. It seems certain that fans will be left hanging at the end of Friday’s show, meaning that big things are coming during the week of February 8.

General Hospital spoilers tease that as February continues, “JaSam” will grow closer again as a couple, rebuilding their relationship, while Jake heads to Shriners Hospitals for Children to get the help he needs. There is plenty more to come on this mysterious Hayden situation and the mob violence will escalate once again in Port Charles quite soon. There is plenty more drama and chaos on the way in the weeks ahead and General Hospital fans cannot wait to see how it all plays out.

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]