‘Manson’s Lost Girls: Creepy Sex-Filled Lifetime Movie Tells True Story Of Charles Manson, Linda Kasabian, And The Slaughter Of Sharon Tate

Manson’s Lost Girls is a spellbinding new Lifetime Television movie that will debut this Saturday on the network known for its compelling true-crime stories. In true Lifetime fashion, Manson’s Lost Girls is a gritty tale about Charles Manson’s life with his giggling girls on Spahn Ranch and how that life led his female followers into a demonic crime spree that ended the lives of pregnant Hollywood star Sharon Tate and the LaBianca family, according to People.

Manson’s Lost Girls is directed by Leslie Libman and written by Matthew Tabak and Stephen Kronish. The movie also comes with an impressive cast of talented stars who bring this tale alive, such as Mackenzie Mauzy as Linda Kasabian, Jeff Ward as Charles Manson, Eden Brolin as Susan Atkins, Christian Madsen as Tex Watson, Greer Grammer as Leslie Van Houten, and Grace Victoria Cox as Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Lifetime’s Manson’s Lost Girls Movie Synopsis

Set in the back hills of Los Angeles, California, we are introduced to a pretty young hitchhiker who is looking for some place to go and something to do. She happens across another bubbly woman who offers her a ride and entices her with stories about life on the ranch, where there’s food, drugs, sex, and Charlie.

Looking bright eyed and eager, the woman, who we learn is Linda Kasabian, jumps at the chance to make a new life for herself at this hippie commune, where she meets Charles Manson, a handsome, deep-talking cult leader who teaches the girls that his mind is the source. Linda Kasabian is immediately drawn into the drug-clouded world of Spahn Ranch — a ranch that appears to offer a world of freedom.

But, she quickly learns that freedom comes at a price, and that life at this peaceful playhouse is no retreat. Soon, Linda is addicted to both drugs and Charlie, who has lured her into a life of sex orgies and crime. It isn’t long before Linda is engaging in night crawls, where they creep into Hollywood neighborhoods and eventually go on the deadliest killing spree that will have their names seared into the minds of the American public for decades to come.

Manson’s Lost Girls was a scary true story

Lifetime’s Manson’s Lost Girls is an enchanting true story. And Jeff Ward is mesmerizing as Charles Manson. This true-life tale steams with reenacted love scenes between Charlie and his “lost girls.” In the true story, Linda Kasabian talked extensively about what life was like on the ranch. She also talked about her first sexual experience with Charlie, which is sort of described as mind blowing. They say Charles Manson had that affect on people. Not only could he sway you with his intense eyes, but also with his charismatic words, backed up by the most amazing sexual episodes imaginable. In a previous Inquisitr article, we described Manson’s charm this way.

“The real Charles Manson was a tiny little man with the ‘swag’ of a thousand men. His walk, the way he tossed his hair, the intensity behind his dark eyes, his philosophical way with words, and his sexual skill kept women — and even a couple of men — coming back for more.”

Filmed at Paramount Ranch in Agoura, California, Manson’s Lost Girls will also act out the bloody scene where eight people were savagely slaughtered after following Charles Manson’s orders to engage in Helter Skelter.

Over the years, the world has continued in its fascination with all things Charles Manson. There have been a countless number of movies, TV shows, and documentaries that have dramatized and reenacted the great Manson tragedy. The shows have also examined just about every angle and theory about what really happened that fateful night in 1969.

Last year, The Inquisitr brought you coverage of the new NBC show Aquarius, which was inspired by Charles Manson and the relationship that he had with his loyal girls. The 13-episode television series debuted in May 2015, starring Gethin Anthony and David Duchonvny. To watch #MansonsLostGirls, be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday February 6th at 8/7 central on Lifetime. Below you’ll find the movie trailer and some interesting YouTube videos.

Manson’s Lost Girls Lifetime Movie Trailer

Charles Manson’s Infamous “There’d be none of you left” Video


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