Six Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Supported Each Other Like Brothers

So Sweet! In honor of Hollywood Life reporting that Harry Styles had praised Louis Tomlinson for being such a great “natural” father to son Freddie Reign, here are six times the One Direction guys supported one another and generally showed one another love, whether it was as massive as moving in together or as tiny as a compliment on Harry’s curls.

  1. When Louis said that Harry has the x factor’

At 1:12 of this video Louis Tomlinson lays on the praise, saying Harry Styles is the member of One Direction who has the ‘x factor’.

I’d say Harry. He’s got the personality and the voice, that’s for sure. Good-looking, got the voice, got the cheeky personality.

He’s got it. Harry’s got the x factor. Right there.

As if that fetus-era display of affection wasn’t cute enough, Harry pipes up at one point saying “man you’re making me blush.”

The interviewer takes a look and notes that Harry is indeed blushing a little. The clip ends with a funny, deadpanned “thanks” from Harry, in response to the interviewer calling him cute.

2. When Louis said he noticed that “Harry’s six pack” was trending and praised Harry for his “nice little body”

This clip appears at 1:30 of the same Louis/Harry compilation vid.

Louis appears in a blue horizontal-striped t-shirt and says that he has noticed “Harry’s six pack” is trending on Twitter.

Louis adopts the detached air of a contest judge as he makes his remarks, saying “good lad, good lad” and “nice little body” but you just know the manly affection is bubbling and brewing underneath.


3. When Harry moved in with Louis despite Louis being the messiest member of One Direction and said he wouldn’t live with anyone else

Louis Tomlinson is known as the messiest member of One Direction, rarely making beds and generally failing to pick up after himself. The band members have called Louis out on this and Louis himself has admitted to it.

This didn’t stop Harry from moving in with Louis in One Direction’s early days. Not only that, Harry once said in an interview that he wouldn’t live with anyone else.


4. When Louis laughed his head off as Harry threw shade at Zayn Malik in the aftermath of Zayn’s departure

This one was reported by Seventeen. Fans picked up on the fact that Harry seemed to be dissing Zayn Malik’s tattoos. Given that Zayn had just left 1D and Louis was reportedly the most hurt by this (he even got into that Twitter-feud with Zayn), it could be that Harry is siding with Louis and attempting to tell him things that will brighten his day.

It seems to be working, too: Louis appreciates Harry’s comment so much that he bursts out laughing.

5. When Louis said that Harry “seemed to be about” even in the middle of their rumored fight

This came soon after Dan Wootton published his article claiming that Harry and Louis dislike each other. The moment in this interview when James Corden asked Louis about his first impression of Harry felt a bit tense, as the explosive Sun story was still in the back of everyone’s mind.

While not exactly gushy, Louis’ response is civil and well-mannered. “He seemed to be about,” the Doncaster hunk says of their first meeting.

6. When they were physically demonstrative and generally the best bromance ever

For a thorough, GIF-based rundown of this see Buzzfeed’s article about Harry and Louis’ physical demonstrativeness. From passionate couch-kisses, to shoulder bites, to sweet caresses, right up to Harry retrieving a phone that was tucked between Louis’ thighs, the two One Direction stars have clearly shown what a bromance should be all about.


Aren’t Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson the best?

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision)