WWE News: John Cena Preparing To Return From Injury Just In Time For ‘WrestleMania 32’ Match?

While it may have seemed doubtful, WWE Superstar John Cena is eager to return to the ring after his latest surgery. The problem is, the prognosis for him to return is around July at the earliest. Do not tell that to WWE’s Superman, as a month has not even truly passed and he is already in the gym working toward a return to the ring. It is insane how much work he puts in to continue to return early, but this may not be a return he can make.

The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE would love to have John Cena back in time for WrestleMania 32, and if he can make it back in time, he would have a match with The Undertaker at the event. Clearly, fans are all hoping he can return just so they can avoid anymore talk about the Undertaker facing Braun Strowman on the grandest stage of them all.

Returning to the ring within three months just seems doubtful when the best prognosis for his return is six months from the time of his surgery, which happened to be just last month. If Cena did return, it would be a good and bad thing for WWE at the end of the day. It would be good, as John Cena being there only adds star-power to the WrestleMania card, which is sorely lacking due to the vast amount of injuries they have suffered.

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Some have even speculated that Vince McMahon wants Cena on the card so badly that he is willing to have him referee the main event. Of course this has also be tossed around for the likes of Batista, Shawn Michaels, and even Daniel Bryan.

Cena has demonstrated the ability to return quickly from injuries in the past, but usually he returned a month or so before the ideal prognosis time. Also, WWE seemingly loved to inflate the longest recovery date. For example, Cena could be out until September due to the fact that his injury calls for a recovery of nine months for some people. If he returned in July, it would be a normal recovery but WWE would hype the return as an early one.

If he came back in July, or even May, no one would be shocked by it. However, three months later? Cena may be back in the gym doing a lot to get back, and he may be marketed as Superman, but he is by no means superhuman. He works hard to be able to do the things he does in the ring and he usually has a good recovery time. Yet, a one month return difference is not a three to six month difference.

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Plus, if he came back to face The Undertaker, he has to be able to not hurt him or anyone else he might face. He could not only do himself a ton of harm if he were to aggravate his injury because of an early return, but he could hurt his opponent. This is especially true for a person with John Cena’s type of strong man style. He could mess his shoulder up more or any other area around it if he did not let himself heal enough.

It would not be shocking for John Cena to return for a non-wrestling role at WrestleMania 32. However, that is probably all we will see from the fifteen time WWE World Champion. He might be attempting to get back in time and Vince McMahon is probably eager to see him back, but the chances of him wrestling any time soon are extremely low.

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