WWE News: Vince McMahon Reportedly Wanting To Force Braun Strowman Versus Undertaker Match At WrestleMania

Let’s all be honest when it comes to the potential WrestleMania 32 card, it is looking sort of average as of now. There is not a notable match on the card that makes a WWE fan think they MUST see it in order to feel like they are fulfilled. It feels that this year’s WrestleMania is like the first Christmas you have when you leave home to be on your own. Everything feels less than up to a point and you have to go somewhere else to get the feeling, like NXT. This is not all on WWE to be fair. Numerous injuries have forced WWE to sort of settle with some matches.

Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, John Cena, and several other WWE Superstars are out of action right now due to injury. WWE feels confident that most names listed will be back this summer. John Cena is already back in the gym working to get back in the ring as quickly as possible and Seth Rollins is said to be ahead of schedule for his comeback. Some even speculate Cesaro could be ready to go by WrestleMania 32, but there is no certainty to that.

The Undertaker is a WrestleMania staple. He is there usually every single year wrestling against a top performer. Ever since WrestleMania 25, it seems that Undertaker’s match was must-see. You could not leave your couch because you were bound to miss greatness. There will always be a top tier performer for him to face, even in a sea of injuries plaguing WWE.

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The problem is that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has an obsession with big men, so much so, he is willing to risk a potential show stealer with The Undertaker to help put over yet another one of his big man obsessions. Braun Strowman, a former strongman competitor, debuted as part of The Wyatt Family officially last year. He was a great addition to the group, helping Bray Wyatt get an edge over the likes of Kane and Undertaker.

They settled the score mostly, and this rivalry was considered done, but sadly McMahon wanted to sort of continue it. This is when we heard rumors of a match with Strowman facing off against Undertaker at WrestleMania. It was bound to be a classic right? Right up there with Taker’s match with Giant Gonzales.

This match was reportedly considered a go as of a few weeks ago, but now there is some doubt over it. According to The Wrestling Observer, Vince is adamant about the match happening but both Triple H and even The Undertaker himself are against the idea. This is seemingly how reports of the match not happened got out. Clearly, if Taker himself is against the match, he won’t be going forward with it. He’s the freaking Undertaker, what would Vince do if he said no? Fire him?

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Undertaker reportedly wants to face a laundry list of other, much better workers. He mentioned wanting to work with Sting, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, and a few others unnamed in the report from the Observer. Many assume he would want to face Dean Ambrose again, this time on a much larger stage. He is also very big on wanting to work with John Cena, but due to injury this match could be out.

Some believe if he were to be cleared, Daniel Bryan would be at the top of Undertaker’s list as he has wanted to work with him before.

In fact, he was the man that was potentially set to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 before plans changed on Bryan getting into the main event. This means Bryan very well could have ended Undertaker’s win streak and not Brock Lesnar. Obviously a big match at WrestleMania for the bearded one would entice him, but WWE would have to allow him back.

Vince McMahon still would ideally want to force the match with Braun Strowman to occur; however, this match is by no means WrestleMania worthy. It is more of an Extreme Rules or WWE Battleground type of match. You know, any show other than the biggest one of the year. Underaker reportedly has say in all of his matches, which means if he does not want to face the newest black sheep to the farm, he does not have to. Therefore, discussions on his match for WrestleMania are ongoing.

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