Maryland’s Melo Trimble On The Short List For The Bob Cousy Award

Melo Trimble of the University of Maryland has made the shortlist for the Bob Cousy Award, which is given to the nation’s top point guard. As a sophomore, Melo Trimble is ahead of the game and hopes to follow in the footsteps of Grieves Vasquez, who took home the award as a senior in 2010. Trimble is one of two point guards from the Big 10, the other being Yogi Ferrell of Indiana.

According to the Inquisitr, Maryland opened their Big 10 season against Penn State with an 11-1 record and a top 5 NCAA ranking. This is Maryland’s best start in modern memory. While Maryland is known for their size and their three-point shot, Penn State’s strength is rapid-fire two point shots. While many of their non-conference wins were decisive, within the Big 10, Maryland has scraped out a win with Melo Trimble.

Hoophall reported that the Bob Cousy Award is named for Boston Celtics point guard Bob Cousy. The top 10 watch list of top point guards in the NCAA was released on February 1.

“The athletes on this list represent the most dedicated and skillful point guards in college basketball,” said John L. Doleva, the president and CEO of the Basketball Hall of Fame. “They exhibit many of the characteristics that made Mr. Cousy such a successful player and we are pleased to be recognizing them for their accomplishments. We thank College of the Holy Cross for their continued support of this esteemed award.”

Bob Cousy was a top player at Holy Cross and continued his success into the pros.

The Washington Post says that Melo Trimble has support from the NBA in the form of Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Curry says that Trimble reminds him of himself back in the day and credits Trimble’s composure on the court.

“He’s so composed when he’s out there on the floor, but he’s aggressive and he’s not afraid of the moment, he’s not afraid to make big plays,” Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry said on Sunday’s episode of the Big Ten Network’s The Journey. “Very similar to how I was back in college.”

Trimble credits experience for his demeanor but is still incredibly modest about his achievements. In a clutch moment, passing the ball to Trimble is always a great idea. This includes his three-point buzzer-beater against Wisconsin.

“Whenever this game is at its highest and my teammates need me to step up, I step up,” Trimble said. “I produce and I don’t shy away from competition. I knew I was going to take the last shot and I knew it was going to be a three. I tried to get closer, but I just took the shot that was available and it was almost from half court.”

The Baltimore Sun says that Melo Trimble got to meet Curry and says that he was “kind of shaking” when they first met. Trimble was just amazed that Curry knew who he was. That is not false modesty — it’s just who Trimble it.

“I mean, I just couldn’t believe it,” he said. “To have him actually know who I am and say my name was something special.”

The point guards met at an event that Curry through, sponsored by Under Armour, that included top high school and college players by invite only.

“Melo really stood out to me, just the way he competed,” he said on The Journey. “Was eager to learn, ask questions. Was very approachable for the high school guys as well.”

Trimble was also shocked to hear that Curry tries to catch most of Maryland’s games.

Do you think Melo Trimble will receive the Cousy Award this year?

[Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images]