Arrowverse: ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ Episode 3 Recap — Background Stories

As last week’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow wrapped up, the team had regrouped with a new purpose after Vandal Savage killed Hawkman/Carter. Savage had also nearly killed Hawkgirl/Kendra, but she was still breathing under the care of the Waverider’s artificial intelligence, Gideon. Rip Hunter had devised a new plan to track down Vandal, but he had not divulged any of the details.

While the majority of this episode takes place in 1975 Germany, we also get a brief look at Ancient Egypt circa 1700 BC and at the Flash’s home town of Central City in 1975. The writers also use the third episode to dive into the troubled backstories of many of the characters, especially White Canary, Captain Cold and The Atom. Hunter also alludes directly to Superman and Batman for the first time, and we are reminded once again that Chronos has been after them since the Legends of Tomorrow series premier.

Ancient Egypt — 1700 BC

Since Vandal Savage experiences time in a linear fashion — unlike Rip Hunter who is a Time Master — his first experience with Rip Hunter takes place in a temple in Ancient Egypt. He confronts Savage and has the opportunity to end his life permanently. He hesitates in the moment, however, and simply becomes a legend among the followers of Vandal Savage (as the viewers find out in 1975 Germany).

Central City — 1975

While the Legends take Waverider to Leipzig, Germany, in 1975 to find Vandal Savage, not everyone in the crew is needed for Rip’s plan. Since Jax was a car mechanic when he was first introduced on The Flash, Rip asks him to try to fix the Jump Ship. Bored with no roles in the current mission, Captain Cold and Heat Wave convince Jax to fly them to Central City. They go to a museum to steal an emerald that Cold’s father would be arrested for trying to steal.

Hoping to prevent his father’s arrest, they get the emerald and give it to him. Before the show ends, Cold finds out that his father ends up getting arrested anyway when he tries to sell the jewel to an undercover cop. He receives the same sentence and history is essentially left unchanged.

Leipzig, Germany — 1975

Gideon has calculated that this is the most likely location to find Vandal Savage. Adhering to the old adage “money is power,” Hunter (with some brainstorming assistance from White Canary) decides to go after Savage’s money, hoping that depleting him of his resources will prevent his eventual world dominance. As he is giving the rest of the crew a pep talk, he makes a blatant reference to DC icons Batman and Superman.

“I’ve seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall — and even then I accomplished my mission. No matter what.”

As Rip and Sara go after Vandal’s finances, they learn that throughout the centuries, Savage has developed something like a religious following. While he can’t pass on immortality, he can pass on the essence, allowing his followers to live an additional century of their own. The body of Hawkman — more specifically, the blood — is required for the ritual. Jax, Captain Cold and Heat Wave stop by the ceremony on their way home from Central City. The five of them fight off Vandal’s horde and Hunter manages to temporarily kill Savage by slitting his throat.

All the while, Professor Stein and The Atom are trying to help save Hawkgirl’s life. Part of the dagger that Savage used to stab her has broken off and pieces of it are in her bloodstream. If they don’t remove them in time, she will die. The Atom shrinks down and attacks the dagger bits from within, saving Hawkgirl just in time. When Jax asked why they couldn’t just time jump into the future to get better technology to save her, Captain Cold reminded viewers of one time travel rule from the Arrowverse.

“Kendra wouldn’t survive the time jump anyway. I pay attention.”

When the Legends jump from one time to another, it takes a physical toll on them all.

At the end of the episode, Hawkgirl is mostly better (but still recovering) and they are able to give Hawkman’s body a proper burial. We also find out that next week’s episode will take place in 1986.

Back stories

We learn a little bit about the history of some of the characters in this episode as well. The Atom, for example, still wrestles with the fact that he was helpless as he watched his fiancée die in front of him. He developed the Atom suit so that he would never have to feel helpless again. Also, his ego can barely handle the fact that Professor Stein can’t remember him as a student. As Stein points out, he’s had many remarkable students over the years and he can’t remember them all.

White Canary also has to explain her “blood lust” to Rip when he notices she has a hard time controlling herself while doing battle. Being resurrected from the Lazarus Pit has its price, and her violent streak has turned her into a monster. Hunter agrees to help her learn to control the rage.

We also learn that Captain Cold’s dad was a thief himself — just not a very good one. His father was sent away for five years and was violent toward his family when he returned. When Leonard Snart sees himself as a small child, he tells him to never let anyone hurt him — mentally or emotionally.

Where to Watch

Replays of the third episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow can be streamed on-demand at the CW’s website. The third episode of Legends of Tomorrow (“Blood Ties”) can also be streamed with a Hulu Plus subscription the following day.

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