Valentine’s Day 2016: 5 Ways To Celebrate Love If You’re Single

Who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples or people who are in love? That’s so last year. Valentines Day 2016 can be just as much about love even if you’re single.

Valentines Day ideas for singles. [Photo credit: Getty Images/Philipp Nemenz]

According to Woman’s Day Magazine, Valentine’s Day is second only to Christmas when it comes to greeting card purchases. Instead of purchasing a lovey-dovey greeting card for a significant other, why not opt for getting “just because” greeting cards for your close friends and family to show them how much you appreciate them too? Valentine’s Day should be about the celebration of love, not necessarily the celebration of a romantic relationship.

Here are five ideas for showing the love this Valentine’s Day, even if you’re single, or without a romantic prospect in sight.

  1. Show your love by giving back. What better way to show your love for people than to spend Valentine’s Day volunteering? First of all, you’ll save a ton of money and hassle by not making overpriced Valentine’s dinner reservations. Second, and more importantly, you can express your love for people who might not be used to getting it. Call your local homeless shelter to see if they need volunteers, volunteer at a pet rescue shelter, or even head downtown and hand out Valentine’s blessing bags to homeless people. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself and you’ll be helping society. Win, win.
  2. Have a “friends” date. Odds are you’re not the only single in your group of close friends. Get a group of friends together and have a friends date. People’s lives are hectic, so everyone will appreciate a little Valentine’s Day time out to enjoy each other’s company and do something a little different than the ordinary. If you really want to go all out, you can even buy each other little gifts.
  3. Do a spa day. If you can’t find anyone else to love, love yourself. Spend Valentine’s Day at the spa, getting recharged, and spending some of your hard-earned money on yourself, rather than someone else for a change. After a day at the spa, you’ll probably care a lot less about being stag on Valentines Day.
  4. Take a mini vacation. If you’re really itching to spend some extra cash, take a mini vacation. Valentine’s Day 2016 falls on a Sunday, so go away for the night or the whole weekend. Bring a group of friends or go alone; the options are endless. Nothing says good time like getting away from your everyday life, even if it’s only for a night or two.
  5. Have a singles party. Invite all your single friends (and some of their friends, and friends of friends) to a singles party. There’s no better time to get to know other available singles than on the notorious day of love. Keep the party small or go big; either way, make sure only eligible singles are invited and then next year, you may find yourself with a date. At minimum, you’ll likely make some cool new friends.

YourTango also has a great list of alternative ideas for singles this Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be singles awareness day, pity yourself day, or anything else that has a negative connotation. You can celebrate your love for a lot of things: life, your friends, your family, your single status, or a million other things on Valentine’s Day instead of spending the day in sorrow.

Let Valentine’s Day 2016 be a day of love whether you’re coupled or happily single. It should be a day of appreciation and gratitude for everything in your life. Happy early Valentine’s Day!

Have a Happy Valentines Day, even if you're single. [Photo credit: Getty Images/Paper Boat Creative]

[Photo by Philipp Nemenz/Getty Images, Paper Boat Creative & Image Source]