Blac Chyna’s Video Message To ‘Whack A** B***hes’ Talking About Rob

Blac Chyna is denying she had any drugs during her arrest last week in Austin, Texas. Perez Hilton reports that Blac Chyna is denying she knew anything about the Ecstasy pills that were found in her sunglasses case. Apparently, she wasn’t even the one who packed her bags.

Whether or not Blac Chyna had drugs in her possession, when she was arrested Robert Kardashian drove 1,400 miles to Austin to get her, against the wishes of his family. Us Weekly reports that now Blac Chyna has taken to Snapchat to post a series of video clips defending Rob and telling people to mind their own business.

“You know what I hate the most?… Whack a** b***hes. I go on Instagram and my Snapchat and people talking s**t about Rob. Right, you weak a** b***h… right exactly… please come harder. What’s so crazy is like you b***hes are so f***ing concerned. Worry about yourself. Worry about your account. Imma give you guys like, the benefit of the doubt, you haters… These are the same b***hes talking s**t time and time again. Like, worry ’bout yourself.”

Blac Chyna also referred to Rob’s isolation for the past three years.

“I’m ’bout to tell y’all something. So he’s been like, low-key for three years and y’all b***hes ain’t bout to run him back in.”

Aside from denying drug possession and defending her new man, Blac Chyna has been getting down with her BFF, Amber Rose. Us Weekly reports that Blac Chyna and Rose hit the Ace of Diamonds club in West Hollywood on Monday night.

And now that the relationship between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian is out in the open, there is Valentine’s Day to plan. A source revealed to Hollywood Life that Blac wants to have a group date with Rob and the Kardashian clan.

“Blac has brought up to Rob that she would like to have a group date night with everyone. She wants it to be her and Rob, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Tyga and Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble, Khloe Kardashian and James Harden, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa and whomever else wants to join in. She knows that scheduling and ego go a long way in making this happen, and it might not happen on the exact day, but she still feels the weekend still counts.”

Apparently, it is Blac Chyna’s goal to use this group get-together to bring them all together and heal and wounds.

“Blac thinks if everyone got together it would be healthy and a very great experience to mend fences. Now the hard part, convincing everyone to do it.”

Considering how the Kardashians feel about Rob’s association with Blac Chyna, this is a lofty goal. But it seems that Rob and Blac Chyna are simply trying to protect each other. According to E! News, a source said Rob wasn’t happy about Blac Chyna’s arrest, but they are working it out.

“Rob was upset that Chyna got arrested and spoke to her in the car when he picked her up about it. She said sorry to him but was thankful he came to get her. He wants to protect her. She wants to protect him. They are still spending a lot of time with each other. Chyna knows his family is not happy about them dating but still couldn’t care less.”

It will be interesting to see what happens on Valentine’s Day and whether or not Blac Chyna can crack the Kardashian exterior and get them warming up to her.

[Photo by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock]