Penn State To Remodel Showers And Locker Room In Symbolic Response To Sandusky’s Crimes

In a symbolic gesture, scandal-ridden Penn State will renovate the shower and locker room area where Jerry Sandusky perpetrated his abuse of young boys.

According to a spokesperson for the university, the renovation of the Lasch Football Building was planned ever since Sandusky was arrested in November, but Penn State can’t move forward on the remodel until all of the legal proceedings in the case are long over, reports NY Daily. That could be a while, since numerous civil suits are expected to be filed both against Sandusky and the university itself. Additional criminal charges may yet be filed against Sandusky, in addition to other university figures who were involved in the recently exposed cover-up of Sandusky’s crimes.

Legendary coach Joe Paterno was also revealed to have played a key role in the Sandusky cover-up of 2001, when assistant football coach Mike McQueary caught the former defensive coordinator sodomizing a young boy in the Lasch Building showers. A statue commemorating the coach’s accomplishments is also receiving calls for removal, according to CBS Sports. “Does the university want to completely wipe the slate clean? If they do, then they probably want to get rid of something like this — they can still honor Joe in a different way,” said a Penn State visitor of the statue. “Get rid of this, get rid of that facility.”

Current Penn State football players are divided on the planned renovation, reports “It doesn’t creep me out at all being in (the locker room),” cornerback Stephon Morris said. “I’m fine with it.” Defensive tackle Jordan Hill later said that he and others do indeed feel uncomfortable. “A couple guys will joke around about it, but, you know, we’ll be grown men about it,” he said. “We don’t want to act like little kids and be immature so we’ll tell them, `Come on, just shut up and go get in the shower.”‘

Do you think that the Lasch Football Building should be renovated? Will the planned remodel help redeem Penn State University?

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