Christina Aguilera ‘Diva’ & Feuding With Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani On ‘The Voice’ [Rumor]

Christina Aguilera is facing diva and feud rumors once again.

A new report by Radar Online is claiming that Aguilera has been making diva demands on the set of NBC singing show The Voice and has allegedly been “horrendous” to work with as the crew begin filming for the upcoming 10th season.

“The filming of the new The Voice TV spot promo with Christina was absolutely horrendous,” a source supposedly told the site of Aguilera’s on-set behavior. “[Christina] showed up late and acted like she owned the shoot. The entire thing had to be about her or else she would have flipped out,” the Voice insider said to the site.

The source also allegedly revealed to Radar Online that Aguilera refused to work with The Voice‘s hair, make-up, and wardrobe teams and instead insisted on bringing her own entourage to the shoot.

“Christina insisted on wearing her own wardrobe and using her own hair and make-up team,” the insider told the site. “She just would not take any direction for the shoot and wanted it to center around her. And so it did.”


The source also claimed that Christina Aguilera’s big return has supposedly caused friction between her and Blake Shelton, as Christina is returning to the show in the place of Shelton’s new girlfriend, Gwen Stefani.

“Filming with Christina is night and day from filming with Gwen,” the source is claiming. “A lot of people are just kinda bummed that they brought her back.”

Allegedly, Shelton and his fellow Voice judges, Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams, “just let Christina have her way” on the set rather than creating more drama.

But while NBC, The Voice, or the show’s coaches haven’t confirmed or denied Radar Online’s claims, the report comes just days after fans attending a recent filming of The Voice claimed that Christina “roasted Blake” over his new-found romance with Gwen.

“Finally out from the voice taping Christina’s roasting was on fire tonight!!!!! [sic],” @minycuba tweeted out on January 29, who elaborated that Aguilera “roasted Blake about dating Gwen” and added that their exchange “was hilarious.”

The Twitter user later clarified that Blake welcomed a lady onto his team who reminded the coaches of Gwen Stefani and revealed that Christina playfully teased her fellow Voice co-star on his pick.

“She said she knows why Blake picked a certain girl for his team… She sounds like Gwen!” @minycuba wrote.

But while it sounds like Christina’s jabs during a recent taping of The Voice were all in good fun, Hollywood Life claimed last month that Aguilera is actually “furious” with Blake and alleged that the two are “enemies” on the set.


“Blake’s not being subtle about campaigning for Gwen to stay on at Christina’s expense. It’s made things very tense on set,” a Voice insider alleged to the site in January. “Christina thinks he and Gwen are ganging up on her and playing dirty. She feels totally stabbed in the back.”

But despite any bad blood between herself and her fellow coaches, it looks like Aguilera isn’t letting the drama reports stop her from enjoying her The Voice gig. Aguilera is even welcoming Miley Cyrus to the show after it was announced this week that she would be joining the coaches on the show as a key adviser.

Cyrus took to Instagram to show off a photo of herself ready to lick the infamous red button on the Voice set on February 3, captioning the photo, “Lickin [Christina Aguilera’s] buttonz [sic].”

Christina Aguilera then replied in the comments section of the photo, “yeeesss girl…lick it all you want!!!!!”

Do you believe the rumors that Christina Aguilera is a “diva” on the Voice set?

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NBCUniversal]