Prisoner Suing Tennessee Couple For Half Of Powerball Jackpot Winnings

Tennessee Powerball winners Lisa and John Robinson are being sued by a prisoner who says they owe him half of their winnings. According to Fox59, prisoner Jonathan Lee Riches, also known as Jihadi Schitz, says they owe him half of their $328 million because they wouldn’t have won if it wasn’t for him.

Reports state that Riches, or Jihadi Schitz, was writing letters to the couple’s daughter, and she was writing to him, too. He also says he sent her some of his prison money to help them play the Powerball. Apparently, Riches and Tiffany Robinson, the winner’s daughter, were having some sort of relationship via letters. Fox6 reported that Riches has filed a lawsuit against the Robinsons for half of their winnings because according to him, he is the one who paid for the Powerball tickets and since it was a winning ticket, he says he is now entitled to half of their winnings. Also, Riches stated that when he gets out of prison, he and Tiffany were going to get married, or according to him, “murried,” and “move to a remote island full of milk and honey.”

Riches handwrote the letter for the lawsuit, and you can read it here. Although it was handwritten by him, it is hardly legible for anyone to read. However, it is meant to be taken seriously. According to Fox 40, Riches is actually already known in Mumford, the town he is from, for filing weird lawsuits a lot.

Not only did he file a lawsuit against the Robinsons, but he has also filed a lawsuit against the Multi-State Lottery Commission and the Powerball. He is suing them all!

Powerball winners getting sued forhalf their money by a prisoner.
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It is terrible that they won this money, and now they are getting sued for half of it right after they win it. Not only this, but New York Daily News reports that a man from Georgia also won the Powerball jackpot and was killed the next day. Three armed and masked men broke into the home of Craigory Burch Jr., 20-years-old, and pulled guns on him. His kids were there, and so was his girlfriend. Burch begged them not to do it in front of the kids and his girlfriend, and offered them his bank card. They took the bank card, but killed him anyway.

So, the Tennessee couple won a huge amount of money and get sued for half of it. Also, Burch won his lump sum of almost a half of million dollars and was killed the next day for his money. This might make you wonder if you really should keep playing the lottery, because something bad might happen.

The New York Daily News says, they are still looking for Burch’s murderers. They are still on the loose.

Although the Robinson family won $528.8 million, they accepted a lump sum of $328 million. As mentioned, the lawsuit is handwritten by Riches and barely readable, but they have to accept it and take it seriously. The handwritten lawsuit was actually stamped by the clerk of courts, so it is legitimate.

Forbes reports that Tiffany Robinson appeared on the Today Show talking about the plans she and her family had with the money. Also, after the Robinson’s won their money, they became celebrities in their small town of Munford, Tennessee. They must have a lot more friends now!

Powerball winners get sued for half their money.
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Riches is very bitter now that the Robinson’s are out spending “his” money like they don’t care about him.

Riches also claims he is Muslim and that Tiffany was going to become his Muslim wife.

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