Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Back Together? Rumors Lead FKA Twigs To Give Marriage Ultimatum

Despite his engagement to FKA Twigs, rumors have swirled about the possibility of Robert Pattinson getting back with his former Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. These rumors have only strengthened following delays in the couple's wedding. Now, it appears as though Twigs has given Pattinson an ultimatum to either marry her or move on. Are the rumors to blame?

An inside source recently told Hollywood Life that Twigs is tired of waiting and has given Pattinson until the end of the year to exchange vows. If Pattinson doesn't follow through with the wedding, then Twigs is prepared to go her separate way.

"Either they get married, or they move on, it's that simple," the source explained. "She's fed up of waiting, and she wants something small, quiet and private, so it doesn't need any elaborate plans. Twigs has told Rob this year they have to get married."

According to Enstarz, the insider went on to reveal that Twigs is willing to have a quieter wedding to prevent further delays. In particular, Twigs wants a summer wedding that may only feature a small number of family and friends.

"It may even be a registry wedding, in front of a handful of friends and family in the UK," the insider stated. "She's told him she would like to do something in the summer, but has warned him she doesn't want this dragging on."

In light of these revelations, it is possible that Twigs' ultimatum will lead to their eventual break-up. Furthermore, her desire to marry within the year is also an indication that Twigs might be worried about Pattinson's commitment to her.

Pattinson and Stewart [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty]
Pattinson and Stewart [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty]

In fact, an insider explained to Hollywood Life that Pattinson's own family has doubts about his decision to marry Twigs. Is this one reason why the two have not gone through with their wedding?

"They planted a seed in his head, questioning whether Twigs is the right person he should be settling down with," the source said. "He just wants to make sure everyone in his family is on the same page. It's like, even after all this time, he still has to convince them that Twigs is the right girl for him."

At the same time, Design & Trend is reporting that Robert Pattinson misses his relationship with Stewart, which only adds another element to the situation. Although the Twilight star is very much in love with Twigs, an inside source explained how he is not thrilled about being married and is instead wanting to remain in the engagement phase.

Pattinson recently introduced Twigs to one of his besties - Katy Perry. [Photo by Mark Davis/Getty]
Pattinson recently introduced Twigs to one of his besties - Katy Perry. [Photo by Mark Davis/Getty]

Even further, the source went on to reveal that Twigs is nothing like Stewart. While this is one reason Pattinson fell for Twigs, he still misses all of the fun times he had with Stewart.

"Twigs is [Kristen's] polar opposite," the source stated. "Which is part of the reason Rob loves her, but he can't help but miss all of the spur-of-the-moment things that he used to do with Kristen."

Pattinson and Stewart dated each other while working on Twilight. Their relationship ended following reports that Stewart had cheated on Pattinson with one of her directors. Pattinson moved on from Stewart and met Twigs back in 2014. The two became engaged in the spring of 2015 and were expected to wed at some point before the end of the year.

In the end, only time will tell if Pattinson and Twigs get married. Considering Twigs' latest ultimatum, fans can either expect the two to marry this summer or break up. Whether or not a split will lead to Pattinson returning to Stewart is yet to be seen.

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[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty]