‘The Young And The Restless’ Alum Scott Elrod Speaks Out About Joe Clark, ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ And A Possible Return To Daytime? [Updated]


Soap Shows shared that Scott Elrod’s airdate on Grey’s Anatomy is March 17 for a four-episode run. According to the report, Elrod may stay on the ABC primetime show for longer than initially expected. Set your DVR’s for the big day!

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) alum Scott Elrod (ex-Joe Clark) last appeared on the CBS soap opera on December 11. In mid-November, Elrod claimed that he had a feeling Joe wouldn’t be on the show much longer and was waiting for the time to be called to discuss Joe’s future on the show. According to Soap Opera Digest, Scott wasn’t surprised a bit when a few weeks later, before Thanksgiving, Jill Farren Phelps called him into her office to deliver the bad news.

Scott noted that Joe was doing things that he couldn’t understand. Scott explained the writing team weren’t sure which way to write Joe Clark, and it was evident in the material they wrote for him. Joe Clark should have had a background story to fit in with the rest of the characters. Instead, for almost two years, the writers forced him into storylines that just didn’t make sense to anyone — even Scott Elrod.

“My character was doing stuff that I didn’t like, I mean, my, God, that guy [Joe Clark] was an ass. I felt there was something going on, but you never known. They can always turn those things around. They spin stuff in different directions all the time with these character. Joe Clark was never given a chance.”

Scott explained the moment finally came, and executive producer Jill Farren Phelps called him into her office to discuss his future on The Young and the Restless. At this point, Elrod knew his character was off the show soon, however, he noted feeling sorry that Phelps had to deliver the bad news. Scott noted that he enjoyed working with her, and she had been nothing but professional and sweet to him. After she had delivered the bad news that Joe was being arrested and sent off to jail for a few years, Elrod asked her for a hug and reassured her that he was going to be okay and left the show on good terms.


Scott felt that if Joe had more of a background story, he could have been an excellent character. When Joe first arrived in town, it was speculated he was a brother to Matt Clark (Eddie Cibrian) returning not only to win back the love of his life, Avery Clark (Jessica Collins), but to avenge the death his brother. Elrod feels it would have grounded his character more to Genoa City without feeling forced. Even so, Scott walked away from the stint on The Young and the Restless with an appreciate for daytime soaps and felt peace in he made a few lasting friendships.

“I met some great people, and it was an enjoyable learning experience. Every job is a stepping stone to the next big job and what Y&R did for me was give me a level of confidence I didn’t have before taking the role. The role of Joe Clark helped me prepare for my role on Grey’s Anatomy. In the end, Joe being written off the show was a business decision, and there are no hard feelings.”

Scott Elrod will be playing Will Thorpe on Grey’s Anatomy, a military oncologist who cares about his patients, reported Soap Opera Spy. When he landed the part, Elrod was told the role would be one episode only. Scott just completed filming his fourth episode, and apparently, he is doing well in the role. Fans have speculated that with Patrick Dempsey off the show, Dr. Will Thorpe be the next Dr. McDreamy. No one knows for sure what the future holds for Dr. Thorpe, however, Scott noted he is available for Grey’s Anatomy for as long as they need him.


Scott Elrod explained that if The Young and the Restless needed him, Scott would be open to reprising his role, providing he isn’t busy on any other projects at the time. Scott explained that he’d like to think he is open to returning to Y&R if the chance presented itself to him, but he’d reaccess if and when the situation presented itself.

Not only is Scott’s career taking off, but his personal life is at an all-time high right now. On Christmas Day, Elrod asked his longtime girlfriend, Vanessa, to marry him, and the happy couple are expecting their first child on June 17. Scott is thrilled with the changes and cannot wait to become a father!

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