Ted Cruz ‘Stole’ Iowa Caucus And Sabotaged Ben Carson, Says Donald Trump

Another allegation of “voter fraud” is making rounds, as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused his rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, of “stealing” the Iowa caucus.

Trump, who has seen surging support in polls, came in second in the Iowa caucuses held on Monday. He launched a series of Twitter rants calling for a new election because he believes Cruz did not actually win the state and instead committed voter fraud to win the Republican Iowa caucuses. In his tweet, he said that “either a new election should take place or Cruz gets nullified.”

Donald Trump Slams Ted Cruz for “Stealing” Ben Carson’s Votes

The business tycoon led recent polls and could not believe Cruz won the state by 4 percentage points more than the votes he garnered. According to Trump, his opponent got more votes than expected because “Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it.”

He also accused the Cruz campaign of sabotaging fellow candidate Ben Carson by telling the Iowa caucus that the former neurosurgeon was quitting the race so he could get Carson’s votes.

“During primetime of the Iowa Caucus, Cruz put out a release that @RealBenCarson was quitting the race, and to caucus (or vote) for Cruz,” Donald Trump alleged in his tweet.

Donald Trump also criticized his rival in his tweets for sending out Voter Violation Certificates to thousands of Iowan voters. Furthermore, he blamed the senator for spreading rumors that Trump “was strongly in favor of ObamaCare and ‘choice.'”

Cruz’s campaign responded using wit to Trump’s attacks on Twitter.

“Reality hit the reality TV star in Iowa, so nobody is talking about him now, so he’s trying to regain some attention on Twitter,” Rick Tyler, Cruz’s campaign communications director, recently told CNN. “There are Twitter addiction support groups, so he should seek out his local chapter.”

On Wednesday, Cruz responded to Trump’s malicious tweets.

“Bernie is contesting #IA results. Maybe Donald should go back to IA & join the Ds. Bet they’d love #TrumpCare,” Ted Cruz wrote.

In another taunting tweet, Cruz called Trump’s Twitter tirade another #Trumpertantrum adding, “@realDonaldTrump very angry w/the people of Iowa. They actually looked at his record.”

Meanwhile, the senator has issued an apology for spreading the rumor that Carson had dropped out of the race. Cruz claimed that they learned from a CNN report that Carson was going home to Florida after the caucus and was not going to New Hampshire.

Ted Cruz Apologized to Ben Carson for Misleading Information

“Last night when our political team saw the CNN post saying that Dr. Carson was not carrying on to New Hampshire and South Carolina, our campaign updated grassroots leaders just as we would with any breaking news story,” Ted Cruz stated on Tuesday.

He concluded that Carson’s team failed to clarify the rumors because of the lack of coordination from the Carson campaign, people on the ground, and news agencies.

Exposing Ted Cruz’s tactics during the Iowa caucus, Trump tweeted, “Many people voted for Cruz over Carson because of this Cruz fraud.”

According to CNN, it did not say that Ben Carson is suspending his campaign, but that he was going to Florida instead of New Hampshire or South Carolina right after the caucuses to take a “deep breath” and “get clean clothes.” CNN also clarified that it reported that Carson would return to the campaign trail, contrary to the Cruz campaign reports.

Carson spoke out about the malicious rumor, admitting it greatly affected his caucus standing. He told reporters at the National Press Club that the Cruz staffer who spread the rumor should be fired. However, Cruz refused to fire the staff member and insisted CNN’s ambiguous report is to blame.

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