TV Shows That Are Must See For The Midseason While Classic 90s Shows Get Reboot

Television has changed over the years. Years ago, TV stations released their shows in September with full seasons of shows. After about 22 weeks, the season was over, and it meant watching reruns through the summer. Now, many stations release shows at mid season to cover for shows whose seasons have ended. It’s also a chance to test out new TV shows when debuts from the fall season don’t work out.

NewsY gave its list of midseason TV shows they recommended watching that they considered a must see. A big trend in television has been for movie stars to move over to television. The first is Shades of Blue, starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta. Lopez plays a police detective who turns FBI informant and is forced to report on the police unit she is in. Her show appears on NBC.

Fox released Second Chance, the story of a former police chief who is sent to retirement in disgrace. Fifteen years later, when he is murdered, he is revived by a pair of tech billionaires who are twins. The former 75-year-old man is now 35 years old and has the DNA to help cure the sister from her terminal cancer.

While helping the sister by giving his blood, he also helps his son from his former life solve crimes for the FBI and tries to avoid making the same mistakes he made in his past life. This show has been retitled three times and was originally called Frankenstein and then Lookinglass. It is a modern day retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

For those who are looking for comedy, consider NBC’s Telenovella or TBS’s Angie Tribeca. Telenovella is a spin on the Spanish language soap opera and stars a woman who can’t speak a word of Spanish. Angie Tribeca is a spoof on police procedurals and revolves around a group of LAPD detectives who solve crimes like the smuggling of pet ferrets. It stars Rashida Jones.

Daily Texan Online reported that 90s TV shows are seeing a resurgence, and one of the most popular, Gilmore Girls, will see a reboot on Netflix. Gilmore Girls is a dramedy starring Lauren Graham as Lorelai and Alexis Bledel as her daughter Rory. It is set in a storybook Connecticut town populated by an eclectic mix of artists and dreamers. Lorelai owns the local bed and breakfast and must contend with weekly dinners with her rich parents who have plenty to say about her life.

The series ended in 2007, a year after the show writer Amy Sherman-Palladino left the show. Sherrman-Palladino is returning to write the four 90 minute episodes that are called Gilmore Girls: Seasons. She said it gives her the series ending she had originally planned for the show. Each 90 minute episode will occur during a different season of the year.

Other TV shows that are seeing a reboot include The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, X-Files and Powerpuff Girls. The original Fresh Prince of Bel Air followed the fictionalized account of Will Smith’s life when he was sent to live with his rich aunt and uncle in Bel Air. It included the adventures of Will and his nerdy cousin Carlton. The reboot is expected to be a similar fish out of water experience.

The other TV shows, X-Files and Powerpuff Girls, will pick up where the old shows left off. The X-Files, about a pair of FBI agents who investigate crimes related to extraterrestrials, picks up 14 years later after the events of the original series. The Powerpuff Girls will get a brand new look and will be produced by Adventure Time animator Nick Jennings while the original creator Craig McCracken will return to create the new series. Powerpuff Girl voice actors Cathy Cavadini, Tara Strong and E.G. Daily will reprise their roles as the Powerpuff Girls.

[Photo by Kevin Winters/Getty Images]