Tom Cruise Child Support Rumored To Be $10 Million – Attorney Shares Details Of Divorce Negotiations

Contrary to Tom Cruise child support rumors circulating around the Internet, the Church of Scientology supporter did not pay Katie Holmes a $50 million lump sum payment for the care of little Suri, Newsday reports. A pre-nuptial agreement Cruise and Holmes signed means there will be no alimony for the actress. Cruise will be paying approximately $10 million over the course of the next 12 years to Holmes to take care of Suri in a manner in which she has become accustomed, according to information a “source” revealed to TMZ.

The quick and quiet divorce and child custody agreement between Tom Cruise and Katie Homes does grant Cruise “significant custodial time” with little Suri, but Holmes has primary physical custody. TMZ reports that previous media articles claiming that Suri Cruise must be in the presence of Katie’s nanny and bodyguards when she is in Tom’s care a “absolutely 100% false.” There are however “extremely detailed” custodial provisions about what Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes can discuss with Suri on several topics, one of which being religion. The restrictions on the discussions of Scientology and religion are reportedly “eased” as Suri ages.

“Tom was always most interested in his child,” Cruise’s attorney Bert Fields told People magazine. “He will have a meaningful relationship with Suri.” Fields was not able to give a specific time or date for the first visitation dates between Tom Cruise and Suri. “I don’t know the details of his schedule, so I can’t comment. My guess is he’ll be seeing Suri very soon.”

Fields also told People that there were no Scientologists present during the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce and child custody negotiations. Cruise’s attorney also maintains that Scientologists wer not “directing the negotiations” and calls such claims “hogwash.” Fields told People that both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes “dealt rationally” with the custody and divorce issues, hashing out the important matters over several days until both parties were satisfied.

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