Is ‘The Arrangement’ Based On The Marriage Of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes?

There’s no denying that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have long fueled our need for drama, both as a couple and independently of one another, but it now seems likely that Hollywood is seeking to capitalize on that. The six-year marriage between the two Hollywood superstars is still a source of great interest, particularly for the influences that Tom’s Scientology connections have had on the couple. Apparently, Jonathan Abrahams has seen the commercial value in the stars’ lives, because he has developed The Arrangement for E!, and it sounds surreally like the lives of Holmes and Cruise.

The Arrangement Brings A Magnifying Glass Upon The Past Marriage Of Two Hollywood Superstars

Several years ago, there was great interest in the rumors that Tom Cruise had a strict screening process for selecting his next spouse with much of the media comparing it to a job application process. The Arrangement seems to use those rumors in its premise for its 10 hour-long episode saga, which E! has already ordered, making it the second scripted series behind The Royals.

In The Arrangement, Christine Evangelista plays television actress Megan Morrison, who accepts a $10 million marriage contract to wed Hollywood’s biggest male heartthrob, Kyle West (Josh Henderson). Adding to the likeliness that this series draws from Cruise’s true life experiences, Kyle West is mentored by Terrence Anderson (Michael Vartan), who, along with wife Deann (Lexa Doig), runs a self-help organization entitled Institute of the Higher Mind.

The coincidences seem obvious, almost glaring, yet E! executive Jeff Olde mentioned nothing about it, when he released a statement about The Arrangement.

“We love the way Jonathan has juxtaposed dark storylines against a backdrop of Hollywood glitz and glamor. His unique and sinister twist on the classic fairy tale love story is a perfect addition to E!’s pop culture line-up.”

A short time later, the E! network seemed to have learned of the public’s suspicions that the series was based on the Holmes/Cruise marriage, because a second statement was released to further clarify The Arrangement‘s plot.

“The character of Kyle West is not at all inspired by anyone in particular,” E! said in the follow-up statement. “Kyle is a young, rising star who was recently left at the altar by his actress ex-girlfriend.”

How Far Will The Arrangement Go?

Now, that E! has assured us that The Arrangement has nothing to do with any real celebrity marriages, we can breathe easier and just look at the show for what it is: clean, wholesome entertainment. In the show that is not about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, which also doesn’t come close to referencing Scientology, Megan Morrison starts out with a first date with Mr. Cruise… correction, Mr. West, and that leads to the offer of a position as the housewife. This premise has to wonder if the couple will have children and if West will bring adopted children from a previous marriage into the household.

Considering how Tom Cruise’s real life children have been brought up, indoctrinated into the ways of Scientology to the point of excluding mother Nicole Kidman from major events like birthday bashes and weddings, one has to wonder just how much of that will make it onto the small screen. Certainly, this will not be a play by play biography. If Brooke Shields is to be believed, security is so tight on the Cruise estate that first hand knowledge of anything that occurred within Tom’s home would be hard, if not impossible to come by, but the show may make inferences from that which is already known.

But, then again, we must remind ourselves that The Arrangement is purely fictional.

It must just be a coincidence that Christine Evangelista looks like a young Katie Holmes.

[Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]