‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Sean Kanan Finally Returns To Set — Deacon Sharpe To Save Liam From Quinn?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that in the next few weeks, fans will see Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) back on the small screen. Sean Kanan posted a picture to social media with Rena Sofer (Quinn) and Scott Clifton (Liam), and captioned the image, “Beauty and the Beasts.” Clearly, Deacon Sharpe is back on the show, and could be the one to snap Quinn back to reality and save Liam’s life?

Bold and the Beautiful fans have been pretty upset about the lack of communication from the powers that be about the lack of material lately for Sean Kanan. In fact, a few weeks ago, Sean voice his discontent with being a prop for Quinn’s storyline on Twitter last week. Ever since Hope Logan (Kim Matula) left the show, Deacon has been pushed off the show — only appearing when they need him to reinforce that Quinn is a changed woman.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers teased a few weeks ago that Sean Kanan would have a juicy storyline with Quinn, and it will be well worth the wait. Sean has been busy for the past few months working on many projects — and placed B&B on the backburner. It had been so long since he appeared on the show that the audience recently panicked that he could be leaving the show — for good.

Bold and the Beautiful’s rep confirmed that not only is Kanan not leaving the soap, but the show had plans to give him an enormous storyline in the next few weeks, Soap Central reported. Kanan’s fans were ecstatic; however, they were upset about the lack of communication about why he was missing from the storylines for so many months. It certainly did not help matters when the audience learned that Sean was in the dark as to why he was not actively filming.

The fact is, no Bold and the Beautiful fan wants to think their favorite soap opera star could be unhappy with their role, and may be considering leaving the show. Fans get to know their favorite actors, and when one of them leaves, it can throw the show off kilter for a few weeks. Sean Kanan revealed in a series of tweets that he is not unhappy with B&B, and is thrilled to return to the role of Deacon Sharpe.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have teased for some time that Quinn will fall in love with Liam while caring for him, and he could think he’s in love with her — after all, he has a head injury. The speculation has been for quite some time that Quinn will think she’s in love until Deacon shows up and sets her straight. It looks like the rumors are correct, and Deacon will show up not only to win Quinn’s love back, but he will save Liam’s life.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have Quinn’s priorities confused; Quinn is so preoccupied with making her son, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) happy that she is willing to place Liam’s life in grave danger. At this point, no one knows how severe Liam’s head injury is — based on the fact he doesn’t know who she is, it could be pretty bad.

Based on the fact that Sean Kanan shared he was back on the set today — Bold and the Beautiful fans can expect to see Deacon on the air in mid-March. Let’s just hope that the writers don’t plan on dragging Liam’s head injury that long, because as it is it’s torturous to watch Liam talk about how wonderful and beautiful Quinn is — and he is lucky she decided to take care of him!

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