Lil Wayne’s New Super Bowl Commercial Causes Uproar As He Is Seen Cooking For George Washington

One new Superbowl 50 commercial is already causing an uproar. Lil Wayne stars in this one minute commercial, where he is seen cooking it up with George Washington. TMZ shared why people are so upset about the new Lil Wayne commercial that as of right now will still end up airing on Superbowl Sunday. This ad is for and features Jeff Goldblum and a gospel choir singing the Jeffersons theme, “Moving On Up.”


Lil Wayne ends up cooking for George Washington. Of course, Lil Wayne happens to be a black man, and years ago George Washington did have slaves, and so people are saying this commercial is low-key racist due to Washington’s history as a slaver. Lil Wayne doesn’t see the problem with it at all, though. So far, doesn’t have anything to say at all about the commercial, but a close source to Lil Wayne says that he doesn’t get why people are upset. The source says that it was “meant to be funny and silly and not the least bit offensive.” The source went on to say that it’s supposed to be comedy, and “people need to calm down.” It doesn’t seem like Lil Wayne understands why people are upset at all.

The commercial starts out with Jeff Goldblum singing at a piano, and even being moved on up higher. They are trying to show off how you can move to a better apartment by using their site. The entire choir that is singing along is helping them to move into the apartment, and at first, Lil Wayne is nowhere to be seen. He shows up in the commercial about halfway through.

Next thing you know, in one of the apartments you see Lil Wayne, who he calls Weezy, and George Washington just having a good time and grilling up some burgers. Lil Wayne shows off his signature apple pie and the choir continues to sing along.


The comments on this article go a bit crazy, as some people start to talk about who will win the Super Bowl, while others are very offended by the commercial and think they should have used a more current George, such as George Foreman, to stand by Lil Wayne and make burgers. A lot of other people think that Lil Wayne’s commercial is funny, just like it was meant to be. It was meant to be funny by putting George and Weezy both in the article, but another George could have been a better choice. Another suggestion coming from people is George Clooney. Of course, it was probably a lot cheaper to hire someone to play George Washington than to get one of these big names.

EW actually shared about the commercial before people started going crazy, calling Lil Wayne’s commercial racist. They explained that this is for the #MovinOnUp campaign, which is simply meant to explain to people that more people are renting now instead of owning, and that it is actually a great option. Goldblum has been in their ads before, but Lil Wayne has not. This is the first time that has had a commercial for the Super Bowl, but this is not their first commercial by far. Lil Wayne probably got paid really well for this commercial and doesn’t seem to have any problems at all with what he did.

Do you think that the Lil Wayne commercial for Super Bowl 50 is offensive? Do you think that Lil Wayne’s new commercial should still air? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss seeing the commercial live on Sunday during the Super Bowl.

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