‘Destiny’ Down At Least 6 Hours Thursday, Bungie Asks Players If They Are Having Fun

Destiny players with playing plans for Thursday, February 4 may want to shift their schedules. Bungie announced the PlayStation and Xbox servers will be brought down for approximately six hours to perform maintenance. Meanwhile, the studio sent an email to some registered players asking if they are still having fun with the online shooter.

Bungie will bring take Destiny offline Thursday morning for those in North America and the early afternoon for European players. As detailed in the support post below, players will find themselves unable to log in at 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT, and those already playing will be dropped completely an hour later. The maintenance is expected to last for six hours, though Bungie has sometimes completed early and ran late.

  • Starting at 8:00 AM Pacific (4:00 PM UTC), players will not be able to log into Destiny in preparation for maintenance.
  • At 9:00 AM Pacific (5:00 PM UTC), players will be removed from activities as Destiny servers will be taken offline for maintenance.
  • Maintenance is expected to conclude before 2:00 PM Pacific (10:00 PM UTC).
  • Bungie.net sign-in and Companion app services may be restricted during this time.
  • Players signed in shortly before maintenance will receive prior notice via in-game messaging.
  • Once maintenance is concluded, all services and Destiny login functionality will be restored.

This is normal for Destiny when Bungie prepares to release a significant new update. The Crimson Days event is scheduled to debut Tuesday, February 9, which means the Tower will need to be prepared, The Eververse Trading Company will need to be stocked with the Hotline Bling emote, and the Crucible playlist will need to be prepped.

Destiny Crimson Days (PlayStation, Xbox) [Image via Bungie]As previously covered by Inquisitr, Crimson Days revolves around the Crimson Doubles special 2v2 Elimination playlist that only accepts Fireteams of two. The twist with the game mode is that one teammate receives a buff when the other dies.

“When your teammate dies, you become ‘enraged’ with the Broken Heart buff. When you find yourself alone in the fight, you gain maximum ratings for Armor, Agility, Recovery, and Weapon Handling speed,” Senior Designer Leif Johansen explained. “Hearing Bungie devs swear vengeance for their beloved Crimson partners during playtests sealed the deal for me.”

Additionally, the new Crimson Days Quests and Bounties handed out by Lord Shaxx will be focused on two players working together.

“Pairing up and having your kills count toward your teammate’s Crimson Days Bounties seemed to reinforce the theme of partnership. I hope it will create even less friction for more casual players to team up with high-skill friends. A player can carry their teammate through matches and to the rewards,” Johansen clarified.

Possible end-game loot includes chocolate-covered and rose-covered Ghost Shells that can drop at 320 Light, along with new new Shaders and Emblems. A Crimson Candy consumable will also be dropped that will give an entire Fireteam the Crimson Connect weapon experience buff for 30 minutes.

Destiny Crimson Days [Image via Bungie]Still Having Fun?

Possibly of greater curiosity is an IGN report of Bungie sending out emails to registered Destiny players if they are still enjoying the game. The email asks players to rank their recent experience on a scale of 1 to 5, with the former being “Not Fun” and the latter representing “Very Fun.”

The Destiny Reddit community quickly picked up on this meme by reproducing the poll. The tall at the time of this article is 643 votes for “1 – Not Fun,” 1589 votes for “2 – Eh it’s almost fun, “629 votes for “3 – Just ight Fun,” 385 votes for “4 – Good Fun,” and only 122 votes for “5 – Very Fun.”

That’s a full two-thirds of the Destiny Reddit community that isn’t having a good time with the game currently. Bungie has come under fire recently for reports of a Destiny 2 delay, along with poor communication from the studio to gamers. A general malaise has set in, as no new significant content has been added to the game since The Taken King expansion release in September, 2015.

Two other questions in the survey were shared by Reddit user unknownRNG. They ask “Why haven’t you been playing Destiny lately” and “How likely are you to play Destiny again in the future?”

Bungie hasn’t communicated where it plans to take the franchise, but changes are afoot as signaled by President Harold Ryan stepping down and former COO Pete Parsons taking over as CEO.

[Image via Bungie]