TED Talks: Watch The 10 Most Inspirational Talks For A New Outlook On Life

TED Talks are full of inspiration, every one of them. However, there are some TED Talks that reach incredible heights, inspiring people to live life to its fullest and find the joy and fulfillment that everyone craves. But some of these talks don’t just inspire life in general, but specific aspects of life that are important to so many. Here are the most inspirational TED Talks.

1. Lifehack describes some of TED Talks’ most inspirational messages. One of these has to do with passion. Everyone wants to live life with passion. There is no doubt about that. As TED Talks go, Isabel Allende’s talk, “How to live passionately – no matter your age,” it an incredible eye-opener about living passionately regardless of age and how living with passion has to do with attitude, health, and what has been lost and gained with age.

2. There was a time in human history when a person with a visual impairment could never read. Then Braille was invented, and it helped blind people be able to find joy in reading and learning. But today’s technology has brought a level of freedom to the blind that Ron McCallum understands all too well and expresses in one of the most inspirational TED Talks, “How technology allowed me to read.”

3. Vulnerability is something every human being feels at some point in life, and it is a scary feeling to have. Brené Brown delivers one of the most inspirational TED Talks when she delves deep to determine why humans are so vulnerable. What she has discovered is that shame results in a fear of disconnection, and this is the root of vulnerability.

4. Body language is more important than most people are aware, but Amy Cuddy cuts to the heart of it in another of the most inspirational TED Talks, “How your body language shapes who you are.” Her message is that a person’s body language can and will actually alter the way that person’s life progresses.

5. Why do children seem to be so much more creative than adults? According to TED Talks speaker Sir Ken Robinson, it is because creativity is being educated out of children. In his very inspirational talk, Robinson expresses the necessity of an education system that nurtures creativity.

6. Lifehack has also discovered a number of additional TED Talks that will completely change anyone’s life perspective. One of these is Simon Sinek’s talk, “How great leaders inspire action.” The focus is on how important it is for a person to have direction in life and understand why they do what they do.

7. There are a lot of introverted people out there, and they are more powerful than they realize. Susan Cain adds to TED Talks’ most inspirational talks with “The power of introverts.” Introverts bring incredible and unique abilities and talents to the world that should be celebrated.

8. Apparently spaghetti sauce can be the subject of one of the most inspirational TED Talks, at least when Malcolm Gladwell delivers the talk. Called “What can we learn from spaghetti sauce,” Gladwell compares the food industry’s search for the perfect spaghetti sauce with the human search for happiness and the nature of choice.

9. One of the most inspirational TED Talks is about consumption and how humans can change the way they do it. Rachel Botsman’s talk, “The case for collaborative consumption,” discusses how the need to share is innate in humans and will help people become better consumers.

10. Finally, Matthieu Ricard’s talk, “Habits of happiness,” is one of the most inspirational TED Talks, because it assures that everyone can find happiness by developing the right mental and spiritual habits.

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