‘Appetite For Love’: Hallmark Channel Romances With Original Movie Debuting This Weekend, Starring Taylor Cole And Andrew Walker

Appetite for Love is a brand new original movie that is set to debut on the Hallmark Channel this Saturday. In harmony with Hallmark’s “Countdown to Valentine’s,” Appetite For Love is sure to fulfill all of your expectations for an entertaining romantic comedy. The two-hour movie is about a smart businesswoman who returns to her hometown where she bumps into an ex who may just whet her appetite for a rekindling romance. Appetite for Love is directed by David Mackay and features several talented actors among the cast, such as Taylor Cole as Mina, Andrew Walker as Clay, and Alley Mills as Aunt Tallulah, according to It’s A Wonderful Movie.

Appetite For Love Hallmark movie synopsis

Mina is a savvy businesswoman for International Corporate Brands, and she has a knack for “making the deal.” Plus, everything is going well for her. She has a boyfriend who adores her and a job that pays her well. And when she is assigned to go back to her hometown to convince a well-known restaurant owner to sell, she is more than willing. What she doesn’t count on is running smack dab into her ex-boyfriend and high school sweetheart, Clay, who is now the well-known restaurant owner that she must convince to sell. Sparks fly immediately when they see each other again, and working together on the business deal seems to draw them closer together. Clay is a country boy with small-town values, and he is hellbent on not selling the diner. Despite his resistance to the sale, he is moving in on Mina and hoping to negotiate a new deal with her, one that involves love.

Mina is loving the attention, yet she has to remember that there is a loving man back home, who is on the cusp of asking for her hand in marriage. If he does ask her to marry him, will she accept the proposal? Or will the recent reconnect with Clay expose some raw feelings that threaten to end her relationship with her current boyfriend and begin a new life with an old but new love?


Hallmark’s Appetite For Love, according to the Hallmark Chanel.

Actress Taylor Cole

“Taylor Cole will next be seen on the Fox TV series SECOND CHANCE. She was a recurring guest star in TV Land’s ‘Impastor,’ CW’s ‘Supernatural,’ A&E’s ‘The Glades’ and ‘CSI Miami.’ She was also a series regular on NBC’s hit show ‘The Event.’ She starred in the Lifetime feature ‘Bad Blood’ and can also be seen in the films ‘The Violent Kind,’ which premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, ‘The Surrogates’ and ‘Twelve Rounds,’ as well as the MTV movie ‘All You’ve Got.'”

Actor Andrew Walker

“Andrew Walker started his acting career in Montreal as a recurring lead on the series ‘Student Bodies’ from 1996-1997, and then was cast as a series lead on ‘Back to Sherwood’ and ‘Radio Active.’ Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, he was cast as a series lead on The WB’s ‘Maybe It’s Me’ and later on ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch.’ Walker then appeared in the Lifetime movies ‘Wicked Minds’ and ‘Lies and Deception’ and later the ABC show ‘Hot Properties.'”

Throughout the whole year, Hallmark movies never disappoint, do they? Appetite for Love will appeal to female viewers who admire the working woman who can handle her business, and it also connects with women who try to balance work and love. Appetite For Love is entertaining but also deals with the real problems that can surface in a relationship when one realizes that true love can’t be found with the one they’re with.


Hallmark Channel’s Appetite for Love is executive produced by Howard Braunstein, Marcy Gross, Anna Weston, Christian Bruyere, Mel Weisbaum, and Myra Morris. You’ll want to make sure you don’t miss this one. It airs on Saturday, February 6 at 9/8 central.

[Image via Hallmark Channel/Facebook]