Amy Duggar Says ‘I Never Felt Up To The Duggar Standard’: Rebel Cousin Covers People Magazine, Shares Details on Growing Up Different

Amy Duggar King has been called the rebel of the family, but that is just the way she rolls. She has her own uniqueness that certainly stands out from the rest of the 19 Kids and Counting family, but this girl seems to embrace it.

The new Mrs. Dillion King is featured on the cover of People magazine this week, and she shares her personal story of what it was like to grow up in a family that had such high standards. She is quite different from her many cousins. Amy calls herself a “free bird” and also says that the strict conservative way of life followed by Jim Bob and Michelle’s family was not something that she personally could live up to.

“I went to Christian school all of my life but I never really felt up to the Duggar standard.”

Duggar fans have always known that the newly married cousin did not live that kind of life, as seen on the former TLC show, and Amy had known that she was very different growing up as well. It is obvious that she loves her family very much and from the looks of it from the outside, the Duggars accept her as a big part of their family and accepts her differences as well. Yes, she even has a tattoo or two.

That may not mean that they are always supportive of the decisions that she makes in her life, like those now famous engagement photos of Amy and her then fiance, Dillon King, playing around in the mud and being quite intimate. She said that despite any differences that they may have, the Duggar family accepts them and loves them unconditionally.

“My family is very, very accepting and have all but taken Dillon in as one of their own.”

Even though they are accepting of this couple, you certainly would not see Jill or Jessa Duggar kissing their men like that before they walked down the aisle. This is what makes Amy Duggar so different from the rest.

To Amy, kissing is a natural process of a budding relationship. She tells People that she thinks smooching is a good thing and should happen. However, she did confess that they did not go any further. They chose to wait until marriage to consummate their relationship.

The one thing that does connect their family is not only their bloodline but also their faith in God. Amy makes no bones about living the Christian life. She posts Bible verses and inspirational quotes quite a bit on social media. Their Christian beliefs may not be as conservative as the rest of her reality TV family, but she and Dillion still have their own way of living their lives so that their faith still shines. She says that she is just being herself, and she does not feel guilty about that.

Amy Duggar also spills her feelings about her being born out of wedlock, which she says was a huge difference when it comes to how Jim Bob and Michelle view that sort of thing. Jim Bob’s older sister Deanna became pregnant. This story, and the one that Amy’s parents are now divorcing as was reported by ET, were big Duggar news last year because of the fact that these two issues are what Jim Bob and Michelle are known to avoid with their own immediate family. This is the reason that they always preach abstinence, and they make sure their kids choose wisely when it comes to picking a person to marry.

Another big difference between Amy and her cousins was that her dad allowed Amy to listen to secular music when she was growing up, which is a no-no in the 19 Kids household. Her dad, Terry Jordan, made sure that his daughter was able to experience a little different way of life. He explained why he chose to set her apart from her mother’s side of the family.

“I just wanted to make sure she wasn’t stifled or held back in any way. I made a concerted effort for her to be able to express and be herself.”

It sounds like Amy Duggar had the best of both worlds and credits all of this for her being well-balanced. Even though she does not live the same life that the Duggars do and may not see everything eye-to-eye, she still loves them and has been there throughout their difficult year with the Josh Duggar scandal.

More details are shared in the new issue of People, which will be available on Friday.

What are your thoughts on how different Amy Duggar King is from the rest of her family?

[Photo by Amy King Twitter]