Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Dishes On Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, And Bernie Sanders

Bill O’Reilly talked about the Iowa Caucus on his show Tuesday evening. He first noted how Donald Trump’s refusal to participate in a recent Republican debate hurt him.

“Donald Trump ran second and his snub of the Fox News debate hurt him. Here is the proof — late deciding Iowa voters broke for Marco Rubio, 30 percent; Ted Cruz, 25 percent; and Trump, just 14 percent. Had Mr. Trump showed up and done well in the debate, the late deciding numbers would not have been that way, in my opinion.”

Bill O’Reilly added that all the other Republican candidates were badly beaten, including Jeb Bush after spending a lot of money in Iowa. However, Bill O’Reilly added that we should not count Trump out.

“But Trump is still very strong in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada — the three upcoming votes. The media, of course, despises Donald Trump and will paint him as a loser if they can. But here on The Factor, we are fair and the truth is Trump remains very formidable,” O’Reilly said.

Hillary Clinton Nomination Bill O’Reilly still thinks Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination. [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]In terms of Democrats, the Fox News host said that no matter how close the Iowa vote was, Hillary Clinton will still win the nomination when all is said and done.

“On the Democrat side, it was a tie but the tie means absolutely nothing. The reason is Hillary Clinton will win the nomination…Talking Points has a gentle message for Senator Sanders. Nobody was astounded, Bernie. All the polls said you would compete very well in Iowa. Also polling put Sanders ahead in New Hampshire. Nothing astounding about that either.”

Bill O’Reilly laughs at the fact that people still think Bernie Sanders could win the Democratic nomination. According to Politico, Hillary’s campaign manager is stressing the fact that Sanders can’t win.

“It’s important to remember that while the first four states receive a lot of attention, they only represent 4% of the delegates needed to win the nomination. The states with primaries and caucuses in March represent 56% of the delegates needed to win the nomination, with nearly half of those delegates awarded on Super Tuesday alone,” Robby Mook wrote.

Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders can win the nomination, but still faces major obstacles. [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]Mook adds that Sanders needed a big win in Iowa in order to prove himself viable, which didn’t happen. Bill O’Reilly has said the same thing. In fact, Bernie Sanders — as expected — has usually been skewered by Bill O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor. A recent YouTube clip shows O’Reilly claiming he will leave the United States if Sanders wins.

“But look, if Bernie Sanders gets elected, I’m fleeing. I’m going to Ireland. And they already know it. I shouldn’t say it publicly, because that will get Sanders more votes. But I’m not going to pay 90 percent of my income to that guy,” O’Reilly laughs. Despite Bill O’Reilly’s tough talk, Sanders still has a lot of support on Twitter.


Nobody can predict if Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Ted Cruz will come out on top. However, everybody can predict that during an election season, Bill O’Reilly is easily the winner when it comes to cable news.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]